Autochess is now available on iOS devices

Vignesh Raghuram

7o, Jun, 2019

Apple fans rejoice! After that fiasco of presentation that saw Apple put up a revolutionary new stand for $999 (or 2400 Battlepass levels), there is finally some good news. Autochess is now up on the App Store, and yes it is free for all users.


The App is quite tedious to find thanks to its weird spelling. There are three ways to go about it.

  • Search the App Store for: “For Freedom”, click on the Developer and then download it from there.

  • You can search for "Auto Chess:Origin” without spaces and download it from there.

  • You can just visit this link.


Earlier this year, Drodo Studios also announced a $1.5 Million competitive league for the mobile game, hosted by IMBAtv. While no other details about the tournament have been revealed, the future of Autochess looks brighter than ever.