Astralis deny using smoke bugs after Niko's accusation

Aditya Singh Rawat

23o, Nov, 2018

Cover Image Copyright: ESL | Helena Kristiansson

In an event that took place earlier today and has slowly unravelled bit by bit with the day coming to an end, we have some players that strongly stand by the side of the accused while there are those that agree with Nicolaj ‘NiKo’ Jensen.

The Incident

Astralis who lost to MIBR today at the ongoing ECS Season 6 – Finals, surely was the talk of the global CS:GO community after NiKo pointed fingers at Astralis for using some special type of ‘Smoke Settings’ while referring to the following clip which shows Xyp9x pick off coldzera in a 1v1 clutch through a smoke.


NiKo made a statement where although he did not mention Astralis, it was quite easy to infer that it was directed towards them.

In another statement that was made by NiKo shortly after, he points out to the following being the reason that gives Astralis that cheeky advantage.


Gla1ve was quick to respond to the allegation by dismissing the rumors about using these special graphics settings while also stating the usage of the in-game radar and their game sense.

Xyp9x tweeted about the incident claiming to have seen coldzera’s feet on his screen while pointing out to the spectator smoke bug, which has been a problem for the CS:GO client since forever.

Support For Astralis

Fallen himself defended the unfair allegations against Astralis by talking about the difference in smoke visualization as seen by the player and a spectator.

Janko Paunovic, MIBR’s coach also sided with what Xyp9x had to say about the whole incident confirming that MIBR has no doubt that Astralis play a fair game.


Although it is safe to say that Astralis might have been playing a fair game taking into account that MIBR themselves came to their support while providing enough evidence that it might have been a spectator smoke bug indeed.

There are still some concerns over the use of this special setting that helps teams or players engage their opponents with a slight advantage through a smoke. These concerns have been backed by TACO, who spoke out about the situation with a very obvious tonality to it.

The matter which has now subsided could be an eye-opener for many including the CS:GO dev team, to try and figure out a way around both the unfair smoke advantage that players acquire through tweaking certain settings and the spectator smoke bug.