Artifact opens up Pre-orders for $20

Vignesh Raghuram

11th, Nov, 2018

Valve’s latest game Artifact, just started taking pre-orders today. They much expected product is available for purchase on Steam right now, good 18 days before its official launch on November 28.

It should be noted that Artifact doesn't offer anything extra on Pre-Purchasing Artifact.

As announced previously, the game costs $19.99 / ?1500, and includes 10 packs containing 12 cards each (120 in total out of 280 available right now); 5 event tickets with which you can access play modes like the Gauntlet; as well as 2 pre-constructed decks.

While the game is behind a paywall, costing $20, the 10 packs alone are worth $20 and the bundle of five event tickets will be worth $4.95. So it’s worth the money. Like all other CCGs including Hearthstone, the pre-constructed decks are all basic cards which will help you easily acclimatize with the game.

The Open Beta will be available for TI attendees and PAX West attendees from November 19, and will officially launch on November 28.