Archishman 'FeTT' Pradhan allegedly threatened with physical violence over F0rsaken debacle

Vignesh Raghuram

21o, Oct, 2018
Edit :  Our readers have (rightly) brought it to our notice that the initial headline for this article was misleading. It has since been edited and we apologise for the slip up.

Prominent Indian CS:GO caster Archishman 'FeTT' Pradhan has reportedly been threatened with bodily harm while working at the Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup in Mumbai. The players that made these threats have not been named yet.

Prior to the hacking incident in Shanghai, FeTT was a vehement supporter of Nikhil 'F0rsaken' Kumawat, standing by the notion that in the absence of concrete evidence, a player shouldn't be banned just because a vocal minority within the pro community accuses him of hacking.

Earlier last year, F0rsaken was handed a 2-year ban by ESL India who are members of the Esports Integrity Coalition, after he was accused of hacking by a few of his opponents. After months of discussions and proofs presented by F0rsaken, ESIC came to the conclusion that indeed his 2-year ban was not justified and reduced it to 6 months, after which he was picked up by OpTic India.


AFK Gaming urges the Indian Counter Strike community to remain calm and not resort to violence. Forsaken's actions have caused enough damage to the scene already. Violence will only make it worse.