An Interview with Mr.Jeevan Raj Menon, CEO & Founder, CoVE Esports

Aditya Singh Rawat

5o, Oct, 2018

Welcome to the very first episode of ‘MewMents with Catslayer’.

Today I’ll be interviewing the CEO and Founder of CoVE Esports, who has done a fantastic job of organizing the first ever esports charity event in Malaysia.

CoVE Esports, a Malaysia based esports organization which has been on a constant rise, has shown great potential in recent months to play a massive role in the growth of esports within the country by organizing a CS:GO Charity Tournament.

The event garnered a lot of local attention, gathering sponsorship from companies and organizations that are unusual to be linked with esports or gaming. These companies came forward to help the event due to its goal of providing assistance to the underprivileged.

I was fortunate enough to get in touch with Mr Jeevan Raj Menon. We had a great conversation discussing the charity event along with the state of Malaysian esports and what the future holds.

So, let’s get down to it.

When and how did you actually come up with this concept? 

I came up with this concept in March right when we had launched the Cove Esports Hub but the need to get into philanthropy was instilled into me years ago through my mother who herself was heavily involved with philanthropy.

Which charity organization was chosen by the winning team?

The winning team has chosen the Agape Vision foundation. Agape Vision reaches out to abused and at-risk youths in Malaysia with the vision to share Agape's love between the youths, volunteers and the community. We will also be inviting these kids to our esports hub in October to give them a jolly good time on our hardware!

What is the total amount that the event was able to generate and what percentage of that was donated by the public?

We were able to generate RM 5920 both in cash and in items and all of that will be donated to Agape Vision. A large, and I mean LARGE, chunk of that came from our participants.

How many players actually participated in the tournament and what was the overall feedback that you received? 

There was a total of 40 players, both new and old school legends who came together to not only support our cause but to also show the country that Esports can make a change in society.

When can we expect the next event from CoVE? In what ways will it be different than the last one?

At the moment, we are looking into other games like Dota 2, Fortnite, PUBG etc. We haven’t really decided just yet. Who knows maybe another CS:GO event, this time with more prominent current players? At this point, December is looking highly likely for the next event. Stay tuned to our FB page for more info!

What do you feel about extending an invite to the neighbouring countries? 

There really is nothing more exciting than that! Anyone and everyone is always welcome to join us. Aren’t y’all like a 4-ish hour flight away from us? I’ll be sure to personally send you an invitation!

What were the shortcomings that you guys faced while hosting & operating the previous event?

To be honest, there really weren’t any hiccups whatsoever.  The Cove team and the participants did a fantastic job in curating, executing and cooperating. It was an extremely successful event and I’m extremely proud of everyone who was a part of this.

What is your view on this partnership between ‘Esports’ and ‘Philanthropy’?

I believe that this is one of many things that can aid with the rise of Esports, especially in our region as the majority of the public still holds a negative view towards this sector. It is our responsibility to step up to the plate to take certain risks in order for the further development of this industry. Through philanthropy, we will also further solidify the strength of our community because, in this realm, every single one is a winner. PLUS, you never know… any one of those kids, stricken with tough times could be the next world beater. Hope is really one of mankind’s most valuable weapons, especially during these dark times.

Lastly a message about the future of Esports in Malaysia? 

As one of the fastest rising markets in Esports, Malaysia definitely has what it takes to reach and to compete in the global platform on all fronts. We just need to give it go through a proper structuring and a fresher approach; it’s time to get creative. I think the local organizations are doing what they have to do; each to his/her own. In good time, we will reach the same page and then, as a team, take Esports to the next level and we at Cove will be ready for when that day comes.

That is all we could talk about and I would just like to extend my hearty congratulations to the entire CoVE Esports team that has helped with the success of this noble event.

Until next time, this is Catslayer sighing off. Peace guys!