An all Chinese grand finale due at the ESL Pro League 8 - Asia Finals

Aditya Singh Rawat

5th, Nov, 2018

Cover Image Credit: 5eplay

The ESL Pro League – Asia Finals continued with the second semi-final taking place today between Lucid Dream and CyberZen.

The first semifinal which took place on 1st November between 2ez & ViCi Gaming witnessed ViCi Gaming winning the series ‘2-1’ thus booking their slot in the Grand Finals. Today, it was CyberZen who knocked out Lucid Dream from the event with a ‘2-0’ victory, making them the second Grand Finalists.

CyberZen vs Lucid Dream

The first match between the two teams was played on Inferno. CyberZen started strong and continued on to take a huge lead in the first half itself. Lucid Dream tried hard in the second half to make a comeback but the lead attained by CyberZen helped them on their path to victory. CyberZen won the first match with a score of ‘16-12’

The second match was played on Dust 2 where a single sided affair witnessed CyberZen take the match away from Lucid Dream with a score of ‘16-3’. A heavy blow from CyberZen was inflicted in the first half itself, as they gave away just one round before the second half.

Lucid Dream played really well in the first game and a win in the second match was definitely on the cards but what unfolded was a shocking defeat. Lucid was clearly pressurized and they crumbled as soon as CyberZen started piling up rounds in their favour, leading to a lot of mistakes and a loss in confidence that made executing even the simplest of plays a Herculean task.

CyberZen displayed some top level plays today along with the determination of a true champion and will definitely be a great threat to ViCi Gaming in the Grand Finals if they continue to play in the same form that was witnessed today. The date for the Grand Final has not been decided yet.


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