All you need to know about the ESL India Premiership 2019 - Summer Season Finale

Vignesh Raghuram

28o, Jun, 2019
The ESL India Premiership 2019 Summer Season LAN finale kicks off on the 29th of June in Mumbai and if you’re in and around Mumbai we expect you to be there. Usually, the Summer Season finale takes place in the peak of monsoon with the pouring rain and cloudy skies proving to be a bit ironic, but this year the weather seems relatively calm. So if you’re a fan of Dota or CS:GO or just an esports enthusiast in general, come over to the venue and experience the LAN event for yourself.

Here’s a quick rundown of the first LAN of the ESL India Premiership 2019 season.


Venue and the Dates


Dota 2 and Clash Royale - 29th June
CS:GO and Brawl Stars - 30th June



Dublin Square, Phoenix Market City, Kurla


Who’s playing?

Dota 2

It is the swansong event for the greatest Dota 2 dynasty that India has ever seen. Signify Dota 2, who has announced that they’re disbanding, will be the favourites to take it all for one last time. They’ve won 5 ESL India Premiership titles in a row and will be looking to make that 6 before disbanding.

Challenging them for the title will be Entity Gaming featuring a multi-national roster who finished first in the league stages, Global Esports with some of the most talented veterans of the Indian Dota 2 scene and Reckoning Esports an Indian org featuring Myanmarese players bootcamping in India trying to expand their wings in the SEA scene.

Although Signify is the favourite to take the Championship, Entity Gaming has already shown us that they’re mortal. It will be an uphill task, but all 4 teams are sure to be up for the challenge.


The competition in Counter-Strike is definitely a lot closer.

Fan favourites Signify CS:GO who were making waves in the Indian and SEA scene are also disbanding. This might very well be the last time we get to see Lukas "yb" Gröning compete with an Indian team. So he will be looking to make it count and take home the Championship.

But they’ll have to go through one hell of an opposition. Challenging them for the CS:GO trophy will be defending champions Entity Gaming who’ve let go of their International players but are putting up a strong challenge. Global Esports and Wings are also equally talented teams with the ability to upset the odds and claim the Summer Season Finale trophy.

It is going to be one cracking 4-way showdown at the ESL India Premiership 2019 - Summer Season Finale.

For those of you who can’t make it to the venue, the entire event will be streamed live on Hotstar. There’s also some exciting side activities like stand up comedy by Azeem Banatwalla on 29th June and Flash Sales by HyperX. You’ll also be able to catch Veewake, ClouDx and Floki cast and analyze Dota 2. Kripz, OGthelowrez and Assassin 47 will be casting and analyzing Counter-Strike. Angela and Blotter will be the hosts for the event.

The schedule and more information on the event can be found on the ESL India Facebook page and event page. AFK Gaming will also be at the venue doing some exciting content and live updates so do check out our social media handles for regular updates and fun content.