All 16 teams set for the PLG Grand Slam 2018 - Main Event

Aditya Singh Rawat

29th, Nov, 2018

Cover Image Courtesy: Avangar

The PLG Grand Slam 2018 is all set to take place from 13th-15th December as it has finally revealed all the 16 teams that will be participating in the Main Event, to be held in Abu Dhabi.

The final two teams to be directly invited for the event are Avangar and Chosen5.


Avangar were announced as the 15th team to be a part of the event a few days back. The Kazakhstan based team currently ranks 19th globally and 2nd in the CIS region according to the HLTV rankings while being the best CS team from the Central Asia region.

Some of their recent achievements like winning the MSI Masters Gaming Arena - Finals followed by Hellcase  Cup 7 and placing 4th at the recently concluded Epicenter 2018 has likely earned them a direct invite for this event.

The Avangar line-up is as follows:

  • Timur 'buster' Tulepov
  • Aidyn 'KrizzeN' Turlybekov
  • Alexey 'qikert' Golubev
  • Ali 'Jame' Djami
  • Bektiyar 'fitch' Bahytov


Chosen5 was announced as the last team to receive a direct invite. The Jordan based organisation is the third team from the Middle East region to be participating in the event, other two being NASR and Bluuuuud.

Chosen5 is amongst the top teams from its region and have been invited due to their brilliant performance at the recently concluded WESG 2018 Africa closed qualifier where they lost the finals to Viva Algeria.

The Chosen5 roster is as follows:

  • Omar '3ARKOOZ' Elyyan
  • Mohammad 'f00lz' Subhi
  • Omar 'Viper' Al-Adwan
  • Mohammad 'Zerocool' Al-Adwan
  • Yazid 'LataL' AlKurdi

The following statement was given by Chosen5,

"We are extremely excited that we are invited to such an amazing event like PLG Grand Slam with having all the top teams attending. This is a big chance for us to show the world our skills. We can’t wait to play there and gain experience. PLG Grand Slam is a huge push for the MENA scene."

Sixteen teams that will be part of the Plg grand slam 2018 are as follows: 


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