Akramaks ready to attack, Yakshas drop the ball

Shounak Sengupta

26th, Jan, 2018
Episode 7 of U Cypher saw a clash between the Akramaks and the Yakshas. While Acrid’s team was sitting in the middle of the pack with 17 points, Kappa’s boys were struggling with 11 points just above the last placed Crusaders. Let’s take a look at what went down.
The Yakshas got off to a solid start once again, picking up 6 points from Real Cricket and Tekken. This is their 3rd game of the season and they have secured 9 out of 9 points in the mobile title and 9 out of 9 in the console title.
Akramaks blow the Yakshas out of the park
Both teams have very solid Counter-Strike lineups and the matchup was widely expected to be a closely contested one. But the Akramaks were in no mood for that, as they just looked explosive on the server. The Yakshas had no chance whatsoever starting things off on the weaker T side of Mirage. They looked confused and headless as the Akramaks preyed on them from default angles and default setups, picking up 13 rounds to the 2 of the Yakshas. At the half, the Yakshas looked too demoralized to make a comeback and ended up conceding the match after losing the pistol and successive rounds to put an end to their misery.
The Yakshas are missing some direction and experience in their line up, and Skadoosh will have big shoes to fill if the Yakshas are to win in Counter-Strike. For now, this is their 3rd loss in 3 games and a lot needs to be worked upon by the Yakshas in Counter-Strike.
Yakshas fall short in Dota 2
The Yakshas dropped Punk, one of their most experienced players in Dota 2 and it was a weird decision coming out from Acrid. However, he still proved that his Dota brains are sharp as ever picking up a well rounded draft consisting of a Juggernaut, Invoker, Earthshaker, Rubik and Jakiro. The Akramaks ran a Visage in the mid lane and their 4 position Spirit Breaker managed to put a lot of pressure on Appa’s Invoker. The game continued to be a back and forth slugfest between the two sides but in the end, BKB’s on the Mirana and the MK took out all of the Earthshaker’s control effectively making the game into a tri-core vs a duo core. While both Appa and Acrid had decent net worth, it simply wasn’t enough to deal with a super farmed Mirana, a Visage and an MK as the Yakshas lost team fights, barracks and eventually the game.
While Acrid is leading the Dota 2 team well, today’s performance goes to show how impactful the supports need to be on his team if they are to win games consistently. For the Akramaks, it was their first win in Dota 2 and they showed some real good strategies especially pulling out the mid Visage.
With this, the Akramaks take home a solid 10 points while the Yakshas pick up only 6. Both teams move up to occupy the 2nd and 3rd place respectively but with the rest of the teams still to play their games, it certainly keeps things open.


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