Akramaks end the first half on a high

Shounak Sengupta

3rd, Feb, 2018
Kappa’s Akramaks finished the first half of the round robin stages on a high, taking a 6 point victory over the Yodhas. It hasn’t been the best of starts to the season for the Akramaks, and they still don’t look like they have a Dota squad who can compete with the best, but they have started to pick up their game slowly but surely. It’s been a similar state of affairs for the Yodhas who have had mixed results across the board.
Akramaks picked up their 2nd Tekken victory of the season and quite a comfortable one at that. In the next title, Real Cricket, they went on to double their lead with another win. The Yodhas had to win both CSGO and Dota 2 to win the match. Here's a look at how things turned out.
Akramaks find their third win of the season
The 4 senior members of the squad, Manan, Mithil, Kappa and sMx all stepped up to guide the Akramaks in what turned out to be a pretty comfortable victory in the end. The Akramaks started well on the T side and managed to keep their economy going while the Yodhas had a much harder time in the buy rounds. The rounds went both ways but the weaker CT economy put the Yodhas at a 6-9 disadvantage.
After the side change, the Akramaks won the pistol rounds once again, racing off to a 12-9 lead soon after. The Yodhas first buy didn’t work out either as Kappa lead a wonderful retake on the A site to take his side to 13 rounds. The Yodhas would win the next few rounds, but lose many players in the process and the Akramaks closed it out at 16-11 soon after.
Ease of execution

The Akramaks drafted a slightly harder to execute line up with the Lich, Earthshaker and Sven. The Yodhas meanwhile picked up a Bloodseeker, Venomancer and a Medusa. Their last game against the Marksmen had been a nail biter, and this game too went close to the 80-minute mark. As is becoming traditional with the Yodha games, Divine Rapiers also were also rolled out eventually, but in the end, the Yodhas managed to take home the win once again.
After an even laning phase, the Yodhas began to realize that the enemy Bristleback was starting to get out of hand as they were unable to bring him down with just right clicks. The Akramaks line up began to find a lot of kills across the map and started building up a small networth lead. At around the 32-minute mark, the Yodhas won a decisive team fight as the racecar Bloodseeker managed to get quite a lot done in the fight. They would, however, end up losing their bottom barracks for it. Slowly but surely, the Medusa too picked up quite a lot of items and it became hard for the Akramaks to directly engage. Some good plays coming out of the Yodhas helped them gain a lot of ground as the Akramaks looked a little bit directionless. Some really questionable plays at the end from the Sven sealed the Akramaks fate however as the Yodhas hail mary play was successful in bringing down the enemy throne.
This was the last match for the first half of the round robin stages and each team has played against all the others once. The second half starts tonight so it will be interesting to see what the teams have learnt and how much they can adapt.


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