Absolute, MIBR, Valiance & G2 top their groups at WESG 2018 - Global Finals

Aditya Singh Rawat

11th, Mar, 2019

Cover Image Courtesy: WESG

The Global Finals of WESG 2018 started today with a lot of matches being played throughout the day, leading to the first 8 teams that qualified for the Playoffs. Due to this two simultaneous streams were aired covering all the matches.

The first four groups were the one that took part in the action today with the remaining four groups going at it tomorrow.

Most of the matches went as predicted, but there were surely some surprises that took place today. This is how the first half of the group stage went,

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G2 had an easy day winning both it's match-ups to lead the table. While as predicted, the heavy inexperience of Team Absolute was a massive problem as they lost both with more than a deficit of 60 rounds in total.

A bit shocked with the way things turned out in Group-B as OpTic did qualify but lost to Valiance who seem to be in top form.

FrostFire was a massive disappointment dropping both the matches, on the other hand, Absolute was fantastic leading the table and moving on to the Playoffs.


There was no competition in groups C and A but I personally enjoyed the clashes that took place in group B. Valiance really came through, high on confidence with momentum on their side the team performed at a much higher level than anticipated, it was a bit sad to see OpTic not lead the table but they qualified and that’s that.

Group D was such a massive disappointment, I was rooting hard for FrostFire and the team underperformed quite heavily, it looks like the roster shuffle did not really work out in their favour after all. But this was their first time together, so let’s give them a bit of a break here.

Looking forward to some for great games tomorrow especially towards Group E and H.

Tomorrow we will witness the next four groups clash it out for the remaining 8 slots in the Playoffs.

The matches can be streamed live by following the links given below,

Stream 1 - English | Chinese | Russian
Stream 2 - English 1 | English 2 | Russian


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