A Mixed Bag of Results for SEA, while EG delivers on the big stage.

Vignesh Raghuram

5th, Mar, 2018

TNC Pro Team has advanced to the 3rd round of group stage matches with a 2-0 record after beating Optic Gaming in a 56-minute slugfest with multiple Divine Rapiers being on the line. Mineski is now one loss away from elimination after losing to Complexity Gaming, in a match where iceiceice once again struggled to be relevant.

On the other hand, Evil Geniuses won the biggest match of the 2nd round of matches thanks to a stellar performance of SumaiL on his Abaddon against Team Liquid. With an unorthodox draft featuring a 4-position Nature’s Prophet by Misery, Evil Geniuses managed to outplay Team Liquid in the long run.
TNC Pro Team vs Optic Gaming

The game started with a relatively slow early game. But once Pajkatt got to his level 7, the game devolved into a series of team-fights. Optic Gaming, barely managing to come ahead in these team-fights, used their advantages to grab the outer towers, as well as multiple Roshans.

After an extended back and forth, Pajkatt on his Gyrocopter, decided to purchase a Divine Rapier for which TNC Pro Team had no answer for initially; which meant that Gyrocopter had a free reign in Teamfight dishing out a ton of right-click damage.

Optic Gaming was able to secure a lane of rax using the power of an Aegis-Satanic-Rapier Gyrocopter. TNC Pro Team were unable to even attempt to defend the high ground even with a buyback from the Shadowfiend.

The turning point of the game came exactly at the 47 Minute mark when Raven purchased a Nullifier. With an offensive Force Staff from Kuku on the Witch Doctor, Pajkatt got caught on the TNC high ground and was nullified and killed off as he was unable to pop BKB, Satanic.

Armel on the Shadow Fiend picked up the Divine Rapier and pushed towards Rosh. Pajkatt managed to purchase yet another Rapier, but that too fell into the hands of TNC Pro Team as they burst him down once again at the Roshan Pit.

Without the Gyrocopter, Optic Gaming was unable to hold off TNC and was forced to concede the game.

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