A Dota 2 LAN Tournament in Aizawl Mizoram

Nishant Patel

10th, Sep, 2016
D2AZC and NextComm Internet Service Prover present a Dota 2 LAN Tournament in Aizawl with a total prize pool of INR 15,000/-. While the sum of money to be won is modest, we applaud and appreciate the effort that the organizers are putting in to help cultivate competitive gaming culture among the Miazo E-Gamers community.

The tournament will be hosted entirely on LAN.

Venue : D2 Cyber Cafe, Zodin Square, Aizawl-Mizoram and Arcana Arena (Zarkawt).

Format : Group stages followed by a single elimination round

Prize Pool : INR 15,000 divided as follows.
  • Winner - INR 10,000
  • Runner Up - INR 3,500
  • MVP : INR 2,000
Registration fee : INR 500 per team.

For registration and additional information, click HERE


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