A Brief Recap of the TI7 SEA Open Qualifiers

Vignesh Raghuram

26th, Jun, 2017

The SEA Open Qualifiers like always jam packed with epic plays, great teams, and great storylines. It was 4 days of non-stop action. In the end only two teams were able to keep their TI7 hopes alive. Let's take a brief look at them and their road to the TI7 Sea Main Qualifiers.


In the South-East Asian region, it has become a tradition, One of the stronger teams will make a roster change right before the TI6 qualifiers invites and hence will have to go through the open qualifiers. They usually end up dominating and winning the Open Qualifiers. Last year it was TNC, this year it is Execration.

Execration, who debuted their roster in the same qualifier, needed to weave through multiple rising SEA teams like o2esports, to get into the quarterfinals.
The quarter-finals brought in their first real challenge WG.Unity, who were also another team who were suffering the consequences of roster changes. The game was hotly contested and in the end, it was Execration who prevailed.

After beating WG.Unity, Execration’s next opponent Chinese team T.B.O.N.T.B who made their way into the semifinals by beating Moogle in the previous round. A hard fought 2-1 victory followed by a clean sweep in the Grand Finals against Team Nasty Potatos, which secured Execration’s qualification to the TI7 Regionals.

This should mean a lot to Raging -.- Potato, who joined the team after being kicked from Mineski, and will now have a shot at revenge in the round-robin groupstage.



The Second Open Qualifier was just as if not more competitive than the first.

It was a long and grueling 2 days but in the end, The winner of the 2nd SEA Open Qualifiers was Moogle, a Singaporean team featuring the former Fnatic/Mineski carry Meracle and SEA Pubstar Chibix33. The team had quite the battle to get through the Open Qualifiers, and had to overcome a lot of strong SEA teams putting in a last ditch effort for a final chance at TI7.

It has to be said, luck was in Moogle's favor, The strongest two teams remaining in the Open Qualifiers (WG.Youth, WG.Unity) were on the other side of the Bracket, however, their opponents weren't any pushovers. They still had to fight their way to the finals through some strong opponents including Rex Regum Qeon and MVP.Revolution. In the end, they went toe-to-toe against WG.Unity in one of the better grand finals of the Open Qualifiers across all regions and beat them comprehensively.

Meracle, in particular, was exceptional throughout the qualifiers showing us why exactly he is one of the most feared SEA carries around. The victory of course also means that Meracle will go up against Fnatic in the round-robin group stages of the SEA Regionals. It will be a prime opportunity to show his old organization what exactly they lost when they kicked him.

From BibleThump to PogChamp | Meracle's change of fortunes


The Open Qualifiers were merely the beginning on the long road to TI7 for Execration and Moogle, they need to step up and perform strongly in the regional qualifiers if they want to make it to TI7. While these teams are certainly not the favorites, they both still do have a fighting chance to clinch one of those 3 SEA spots.


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