8 of the Worst Players you meet in Dota 2 Pubs

Vignesh Raghuram

20th, Mar, 2018
Dota 2 is a complicated game, especially if you factor in some of the types people you meet in matchmaking! Some are really fun to play with, while most are just folks who want to have some fun after a hard day at school / college / work. But there are a few players who deliberately or indirectly make life in Dota 2 irritating, irksome or downright miserable making you want to shift to PUBG or Fortnite.

Some of these troublemakers will cause grief through their in-game behavior while others will employ concepts that would be awful in any walk of life. They all have one thing in common though, they're prime candidates for the report button.
8. The Fountain Campers

Getting stomped and fountain dived is one of the worst feelings you can have in a random game of Dota 2. Realistically it means that nowhere is safe and that the enemy has an overwhelming advantage which is impossible to comeback from. What’s worse? Getting fountain camped over 20 minutes because the enemy wants to stroke their ego while waiting for their creeps to kill your ancient, just so that you can't queue for the next game.

When challenged they’ll inevitably argue about the legitimacy of their tactics as well claiming that if the game’s design makes fountain camping feasible then it is their right to do so.
7. Whiners and Ragers

As we get older and begin to reflect on our gaming experiences with greater logic and consideration, you realize that it was all just a game of DotA. While we might all still be prone to a moment or two of rage, it’s never on the scale of this brand of player who will blame anything other than their own ability for their shortcomings.

Lag, poor teammates, and cheating will all make up part of their high pitched remonstrations that pierce through your eardrums and possibly lead to other childish actions that will directly demoralize, and make you want to stay away from the gamw for a long time.
6. People who constantly tell you how to play

Nothing makes me laugh more than people who are in a much lower/equal skill bracket telling you that the way you position and play is wrong and constantly try to teach you the ‘right’ way to play. All I can think of is that there is a reason why you are stuck in the same bracket as me.

Don’t get me wrong. Polite, constructive advice from highly skilled players is always welcome when asked for. But, when its unwanted and given in an aggressive, patronizing manner. I am just going to click on the mute button and carry on playing the way I want to play.
5. The Sexists and the Racists

For most of the playerbase, Dota 2 is just an escape from reality where they just want to have fun and enjoy battling 5 other players in a fantasy realm. However, others exploit this detachment and escapism to display their shittiest views on the world.

Who among us has not been bombarded with racist remarks? Curry Muncher, Pignoys, Indogs are all insults that fly around on the SEA server as soon as people identify where you are from either through your accent or profile. Women have it worse, they resort to not speaking at all for fear of people spewing sexist remarks or acting downright weird in an attempt to flirt with them in a game of Dota.

In reality, a lot of these people aren’t actually racist or sexist and they're probably a lot nicer to chat with in person. They just do it to get a response or to troll you but whatever the reason, they just make your Dota 2 experience shitty and honestly, it's as bad as the real deal.
4. Rage Quitters

I’ll admit, one of the few things that I like about SEA servers is that they’ll tryhard till the very end. No matter how big the networth/kill deficit is, they almost never give up. Calling ‘GG’ in all chat and making a strategy in team-chat are common sights in SEA Pubs. However the same cannot be said for our European and NA Dota playing brethren.

“The player has abandoned the game.” Is a message you’ll see frequently in the Western Servers as soon as someone gets solo-killed, smoke ganked, or they perceive the game as unwinnable.
3. Smurfs

In my experience, there are 3 types of players who make Smurfs.
  • Leaderboard players who have too big of a queuing time thanks to the scarcity of players in matchmaking at their skill level.
  • Mediocre players who think they’ve been calibrated to the ‘wrong MMR’ and are trying to get to their ‘real MMR’
  • High Skill Players who just want to stroke their ego by beating newbies to a pulp.
Really, all 3 types of players ruin the game for the rest of the 9 players in-game. It’s unsportsmanlike and ultimately unsatisfying to beat noob after noob to artificially inflate your KDA, Winrate.
2. Griefers

These players often take on the personalities of all or atleast a few of the entries on this list. Walking down Mid as soon as the first horn blows and feeding to the enemy team and then abandoning might just be the most heinous behavior that can be displayed in Dota 2.

Griefers do this for the sole purpose of spreading misery and ruining the game for the 9 other people in the game. Realistically, no one is really safe from griefers who can pop up in any game to ruin your games.
1. Hackers and Cheaters

There is nothing worse than playing against an enemy who you know is cheating. When these scripters,
maphackers, etc tamper with the 1s and 0s of Dota 2’s programming to cause a degree of chaos and panic to the unsuspecting players that they are left with only one response. Click ‘Leave Game’ and ‘Abandon’.

With such in-depth understanding of the game’s inner-workings, I wonder why they are wasting their time ruining my day instead of you know, actually getting better. 


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