8 low cost Dota 2 cosplays that'll make your day


24th, Apr, 2018

Who said cosplay is always expensive and hard to make? Surely not these guys! Here are some awesome low budget Dota 2 cosplays that'll leave you in splits. 

1. Undying Tombstone + Zombie

The effort used in this one just takes the cake. Just admire the fruit carving skills and look at the effort behind this outdoor shoot. Add in a top-notch Lycan cosplay and a zombie chasing him, this one is creative and hilarious!


2. Vegan Juggernaut

Forget low cost, this Juggernaut cosplay is a perfect example of a no-cost cosplay. Unless of cours ,e you count for your therapist's session charges. Because when your parents find you posing as video game characters with vegetables, there's no way that's not happening!

Credits: u/secrekt322

3. Position 5 Alchemist #Couplegoals

Ever thought of doing a couple cosplay with your Dota partner but couldn't figure out what to do. Well, this couple certainly had no lack of imagination with their couple cosplay. Alchemist might be rolling in the monies, but this one was probably made by a true position 5 player! 

Source: Playbuzz

4. Silencer IT Support

The craftsmanship of this Silencer is remarkable. While Silencer continues to be a popular support pick in pubs, this cosplay aims to make Silencer a support for all your tech problems as well.

5. Housekeeper Slardar

Everything about this Slardar cosplay is fabulous. From the purple broom, to the scales on the back to the lightbulb on the head. Full marks for making us bawl with laughter!

6.Radiant Tier 100 tower

The creativity of this cosplay is off the charts. If i were the Dire side, I'd probably never bring down this tower so I could marvel at it's awesomeness all the time!

7.PVC Tinker

Now a Tinker cosplay is generally hard work, but this guy made it work like wonders. Some PVC pipes and dumbells are all it takes to go pew pew pew!

Credits: u/1bignerd99

8. 2 man Enchantress

And of course, we saved the best for the last. This Enchantress cosplay is one for the books. No words can describe the sheer level of bravery it took to pull this one off. Hats off to these cosplayers!

Source: u/kut3b0y96

Which one do you guys think takes the cake? Let us know!



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