7.20b released with tweaks, reworks and balance fixes

Shounak Sengupta

21st, Nov, 2018

Valve released the sub-patch 7.20b days after the big 7.20 patch to fix some of the overpowered heroes and skills and try and increase the viable hero pool. The sub-patch was more or less expected after 7.20 as it generally does always hit after a big patch is given a couple of days of playtime.

Meepo, Slark, Luna and LD hit with nerf’s to compensate for absurd win rates

These 4 heroes seemed like the most impacted heroes in the new patch, with high win rates across most brackets. Meepo was immediately pointed out as incredibly overpowered, as he cruised in the pubs unleashing a level of ferocity that was hard to counter. The other 3 heroes as well seemed a tad bit OP, being able to come online quite early with Wraith Band stacks and have been hit with a nerf stick as well.

Clinkz, OD, Medusa and Drow buffed

Clinkz and OD were two heroes who had their skills reworked and didn’t seem like popular picks in these last couple of days, with horrendously low win rates. Their new skills, Equilibrium and Burning Army have both been buffed to increase viability. Medusa as well has been given a significant buff in terms of stats and her level 15 talent now gives +35% mana steal. Drow’s base agility has been increased by 4 and the max level Precision Aura is now at 80%.


The new changes hope to bring stability to the developing meta as we look towards the Regional Qualifiers for the Chongqing Major.


Read the full patch notes here.