5 ways to celebrate a Dota themed Christmas

Shounak Sengupta

18th, Dec, 2018

It’s the last month of the year and most of the Dota world, heck the entire esport community is off making merry in the holiday season. So while we take a break from the competitive side of things, nothing stops us from celebrating our favourite game and adding a bit of Dota to the festivities. Here are our top 5 ways to celebrate a Dota themed Christmas.

Organize a Dota themed Christmas party

Add a bit of Dota flavour to your Christmas party by hosting a Dota themed Christmas party. Invite all your friends who helped you win and mostly lose MMR throughout the year and gather around as you share your favourite stories from pubs. And, unlike in the game where you are at best an Archon, if you are by any chance an Immortal in the kitchen, check out these really cool recipes for some of the best Dota 2 themed food we could find on the internet.

Credits: r/dota2

Decorate your tree some Dota themed Christmas decorations

And if arts and crafts is your thing, consider making a few Dota themed Christmas decorations to hang up on your tree to show everyone your love for the game. So be it woodwork or paper machete, it’s time to get your hands dirty and not by sweating on the keyboard. Channel your inner Grimstroke and create some Dota themed decorations ranging from the Dota logo to hero paper machetes and items.

Play Secret Santa with your Discord server

If you have a tight Discord server with friends from across the country/world, the perfect way to celebrate Christmas together is to organize a Secret Santa with them. While you may have spent the entire year shouting, raging and sometimes laughing with each other, celebrating the biggest holiday season of the year together can surely be a part of the agenda. So set up a price limit on the gifts, create a #SecretSanta channel and start gifting. Check out this online name drawing website we found, which should be perfect for hosting a virtual Secret Santa.

Host a LAN party

The holiday season means that most of your Dota friends will be relatively free which gives you the perfect opportunity to host a LAN party. So gather up some extension boards, call up your ISP to increase your bandwidth and set up some tables and chairs for you and your friends as you go into some long marathon sessions of Dota 2. Don’t forget to stock up on food and drinks and make sure you have an empty house, cause no one wants to be subjected to what happens after a 4 game losing streak. Alternatively, you can book your slots at some nearby gaming cafe’s which won’t give you that homely feel, but it’ll get the job done.

Credits: r/gaming

Dota themed Christmas gifts

And if hosting a party and making decorations requires is beyond your skill level, you can always go the Crusader route with some wholesome Dota themed Christmas gifts. It can be something as simple as 6 months of Dota Plus to something as cheap as a subscription to Dotabuff Plus. When it comes to gifts, nothing will excite a Dota fan more, than something that appreciates their love for the game. From themed clothing, accessories, plushies, toys, collectables to team jerseys, hoodies and jackets just take your pick from a wide range of available choices from the internet and surprise your friends.



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