2ez Gaming takes on ViCi in the opening match of ESL Pro League 8 - Asia Finals

Aditya Singh Rawat

1st, Nov, 2018

Cover Image Courtesy: ViCi Gaming

The ESL Pro League 8 – Asia Finals is all set to take place today between the four qualified teams. The winning team will be directly qualifying for ESL Pro League Odense 2018

The four teams playing in the Asia Finals are as follows: 

  • Lucid Dream 

  • ViCi Gaming 

  • CyberZen 

  • 2ez Gaming

Journey Till Asia Finals

Lucid Dream - SEA Qualifier

Lucid Dream has made its way into the Asia Finals by qualifying through the Southeast Asia Qualifier. It was a tough path to tread through for the Thailand based team, who went through a double elimination bracket against some of the best teams in the SEA region. 

Lucid Dream had dropped down to the lower bracket while facing off against B.O.O.T-d[S] in the semifinals and made their way to the Grand Finals through the lower bracket to lock horns against Signature Gaming, beating them in a well fought and intense BO5 series which in turn qualified them for the Asia Finals.

ViCi Gaming & CyberZen - China Qualifier

ViCi Gaming and CyberZen made their way through the uber-competitive ESL Pro League 8 - Chinese Qualifiers. The two teams beat top-tier competitors like TyLoo and MVP PK amongst other strong contenders to clinch the two slots reserved for the Chinese teams. 

ViCi Gaming was having the time of their life as they played at a whole different level, cruising through the upper bracket, where they beat both TyLoo and MVP PK to take the first of the two available slots and becoming the first team from China to qualify for the Asia Finals.

CyberZen followed up shortly through a riskier path. CyberZen who were sent to the lower bracket courtesy of ViCi Gaming played carefully, clinching every lower bracket game with a score of ‘2-1’. Playing every match under immense pressure the team held nerves of steel to make it all the way to the Asia Finals.

2ez Gaming - India Qualifier

2ez Gaming who are the Indian representatives in the Asia Finals were not the first team that qualified for the Indian Slot

2ez Gaming came out on top as the winners after beating SRA quite convincingly and secured the direct invite slot within the Asia Finals.

The Asia Finals which is starting today will be featuring a BO3, single elimination bracket. The match-ups have already been drawn with 2ez Gaming going up against ViCi Gaming at 17:30 today while Lucid Dream takes on CyberZen.

Image Credit: HLTV

A lot of Indian hopes are pinned on 2ez Gaming, who have even undergone a recent roster change in order to bolster their line-up to stand up to their international adversaries. 

Let’s see what happens at the ESL Pro League – Asia Finals and stay tuned for all the latest updates.


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