29/90 eSports & GOSU move on to the Playoffs of SEA Fire Championship 2018

Aditya Singh Rawat

27th, Oct, 2018

Cover Image Courtesy: E.Fire League

Yesterday witnessed the start of SEA Fire Championship which will conclude tomorrow on 28th October. The Vietnam based LAN event is running its first season which offers a total prize pool of $13,000 USD.

The Championship is being held at the Cyzone Stadium located in Hanoi, Vietnam. The event features a total of 8 teams out of which 6 are directly invited Asian teams while the other two teams have qualified through the Vietnam Regional – Open Qualifiers.

The teams participating in the event are as follows:

Image Credit: E.Fire League

The LAN event which started yesterday has been divided into two phases, starting off with the Group Stage and followed by the Playoffs.

Group Stage 

The 8 participating teams have been divided into two groups of four teams each. Both these groups will undergo a GSL style Round Robin Format where the initial matches within each group will be a BO1 match-up followed by a BO3 series being played for the Winner's, Elimination and Decider Match.

The top two teams from each group will be moving on to the Playoffs.


The Playoffs will be comprised of a total of four teams qualifying through the Group Stage, 2 teams from each group. 

These four teams will undergo a single elimination, BO3 bracket with the winner walking away with the Championship Trophy along with a cash prize of $4,500 USD.

Prize Pool Breakdown 

All the participants will be receiving a part of the $13,000 USD prize pool. With it be divided among the participants as follows: 

  • 1st Position - $4,500 

  • 2nd Position - $2,500 

  • 3rd-4th Position - $1,000 

  • 5th-6th Position - $1,000 

  • 7th-8th Position - $1,000

Group Stage – Day 1

This is how the table stands after all the match-ups for the first day have taken place:

Image Credit: Liquipedia

Group - A

29/90 eSports has already qualified from Group – A for the Playoffs.

29/90 won their initial match against Sad Story in a heavily single-sided face off with a score of ‘16-4’. Moving on to the Winner’s Match they locked horns against Ignis. 

The first match witnessed another dominating performance by 29/90 as they beat Ignis on Inferno with a score of ‘16-6’. The second match on Dust 2 foresaw a good fight being put up by Ignis but some great plays by 29/90 towards the beginning of the second half secured them another victory, as they won by a series score of ‘2-0’ and qualified for the Playoffs.

Group - B

Group – B witnessed a bit of an upset as GOSU were the first ones that qualified through to the Playoffs instead of the tournament favourite’s FrostFire.

GOSU beat the local team 24BHB on Inferno with a score of ‘16-10’. 24BHB did put up quite a show in the first half but ran out of gas halfway through, from where GOSU took control of the game and moved on to face  FrostFire in the Winner’s Match.

GOSU were playing exorbitantly amazing which resulted in FrostFire getting ousted as the tournament favourites. GOSU beat them in two straight matches on Inferno and Train with scores of ‘16-8’ & ‘16-9’. FrostFire were just not able to match the level at which GOSU was operating, resulting in multiple failed attempts to rush at them or work around using utility and fakes which ended up costing them the match.

Both the groups will be undergoing their Elimination Match followed by the Decider Match today. So, stay tuned as we bring you the highlights of today’s matches as soon as they get over.

The matches are being streamed live at: 

English - twitch.tv/efireleague 


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