2 New Heroes announced at TI8 - 1 Out Now!!

Vignesh Raghuram

25o, Aug, 2018

With the fifth day of TI finally coming to a close. Fans who were expecting a new hero to be announced by Valve were not let down. Valve has confirmed two new heroes to be included in Dota 2, as presented in new trailers shown during The International 8.

One of the two heroes, was a warrior-like figure engaging in Battle called ‘Mars’. Mars is the Roman god of war and appears to possess the ability to summon undead warriors, from what we could tell from the Trailer. He will be released this Winter season.

But the true shock came in as Valve sneaked in a new hero ‘Grimstroke’ into the Dota 2 client and made it available for fans to play as soon as the stream ended. While we’re yet to take a good hard look at Grimstroke, it looks like he is a support hero who possesses the ability to connect two heroes and deal absurd amounts of damage just like a stronger Fatal Bonds. He also possesses good control factors with his 1st and 3rd skills.


We will post a detailed article after we get a chance to get a better look at the new hero and play a couple of pubs with him.