10 Dota 2 Dad Jokes So Bad They’re Actually Hilarious

Vignesh Raghuram

26th, Jul, 2018
With the Immortal Treasure III getting delayed a lot and the Pre-TI Tournament drought swelling up before The Summit 9 kicked off yesterday, pulling us out, the Dota 2 community was driven mad.

We didn’t know what to do. And we at /r/dota2 do some weird things when Valve doesn’t release new stuff. We kidnapped and killed, Scotty the Penguin, then we Bamboozled the world by admitting that “It’s just a prank Bruh!!



Image Courtesy: /u/hfbvm


This time instead of harming any wild animals, (Beastmaster had a word with us), the Dota 2 community has decided to bless us with dozens of bad Dad jokes. If any of you guys are unaware, A Dad joke is loosely defined as a joke so corny and awful that is usually limited to the dads of the world because anyone else would be able to see how embarrassing the punch-line and response will be.

Here are our favorite ones


1. Why did Dark Seer get yelled at by his mom?

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2. Did you hear about Naga killing Tidehunter?

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3. How did the enemy know where Treant was hiding?

Image Courtesy: keterok

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4. Who does Void thank for helping him win the game?

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5. Why wasn't Clinkz at his prom?

Image Courtesy: RisQ55


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6. Why did a broken AM lose the spelling bee?


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7. Why is Invoker a bad dad?


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8. What is Queen of Pain's favorite dessert?

Image Credits: ArtOfhKm


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9. Why does Witch Doctor support the LGBT movement?


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10. Finally, How did Treant ask his team for the Aegis?

Image Courtesy: xxmichas


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