@cloudx(#ama) why do you prefer train travel to bus/plane travel? - 2 weeks ago
@cloudx(#ama) Please walk everyone here through your imba dance move. And maybe a video of it too. - 2 weeks ago
@cloudx(#ama) which part of your body would you like our pitchforks to pierce through? - 2 weeks ago
@cloudx(#ama) who amongst the afk team is the undisputed burp champ? - 2 weeks ago
@cloudx(#ama) I thought this would be a thread AMA but a Shoutbox would do. Your preferred role in today's meta? - 2 weeks ago
@cloudx(#ama) Apart from yourself, who do you consider to play a brilliant caster in Indian eSports? (DotA2, CS:GO, LoL, etc etc) - 2 weeks ago
@cloudx(#ama) Who is the best user in the forums and why is it Ratz1994? - 2 weeks ago
@cloudx(#ama) Why you no give thread? - 2 weeks ago
#cloudx(#ama) Apart from you, who do you think is India's Best Caster in the Indian eSports scene? (CS:GO, DotA2, LoL, SC2, etc etc) - 2 weeks ago
@cloudx(#ama) Who is the best AFK Gaming user and why is it Ratz1994? - 2 weeks ago
@cloudx(#ama) Nutella on bread or booty :D Kappa - 2 weeks ago
Yeah shoutbox AMA too hard lol. I've created a seperate thread - 2 weeks ago
Next person who will comment here will get Nyx Shadow Hunter Set Full unlocked (4 Colors) - 2 weeks ago
lol - 2 weeks ago
you don't want? - 2 weeks ago
GIFF ME!! HE NO WANT - 2 weeks ago
Gieff pls :'( - 2 weeks ago
ratz won last giveaway he no eligible - 2 weeks ago
shaurya making laugh he no want - 2 weeks ago
therefore hence thus i win :kappa: - 2 weeks ago
i will giff both of u :D sec - 2 weeks ago
i want - 2 weeks ago
sid ur steam url hiddne =.= - 2 weeks ago
u said jusr comment - 2 weeks ago
hidden* - 2 weeks ago
gimme pls...i am poor - 2 weeks ago
ok i will giff u too...3 winners :D - 2 weeks ago
aw..i henceforth declare i will not use lol for a month - 2 weeks ago
ty tyXD - 2 weeks ago
Ez win!! - 2 weeks ago
giff sid's steam link -.- - 2 weeks ago
One sec - 2 weeks ago - 2 weeks ago
Enjoy! ^_^ - 2 weeks ago
ok 3 sets given to sid,ratz,shaurya - 2 weeks ago
Sid X_X He got a SET! - 2 weeks ago
Haaw! - 2 weeks ago
Got set. Can confirm Dexter is nicest guy on planet. - 2 weeks ago
Ratz got set. Can confirm he is biggest freeloader on planet. - 2 weeks ago
Easy freeload boys. - 2 weeks ago
Pajkatt impressions are awesome! I'd pay for a Pajkatt announcer pack. - 2 weeks ago
Lol his peruvian accent is imba funny - 2 weeks ago
VIVA PERU - 2 weeks ago
koimon - 2 weeks ago
fug - 2 weeks ago
Giveaway coming soon boys. Big one at that. *It's rigged though ...cough cough* - 1 week ago
gonna enter anyways! - 1 week ago
btw how big?arcana big or dc hook big? - 1 week ago
sets + 1 arcana big. - 1 week ago
Ratz ineligible for giveaway. huehuehue - 1 week ago
I already won that arcana..sets left now :D - 1 week ago
heuheuehue - 1 week ago
If I don't win the giveaway, it's rigged - 1 week ago
But If I do win the giveaway, it's rigged - 1 week ago
So Giveaway Kappastorm :v - 1 week ago
Sid ineligible for giveaway till he gives Leather Belt Voice :v - 1 week ago
huehuehue time to abuse admin powers :V - 1 week ago
Yes fok arcana . I want leather belt voice :X - 1 week ago
Voice or Riot! - 1 week ago
has anyone tried that new broadcasting function ? - 1 week ago
Need to test it out! Been trying to watch a couple of games but no one has the updated Steam Beta client - 1 week ago
shout - 1 week ago
i donate items all the time when i see many of then in my inventory. Let me know if someone needs it - 1 week ago
gimme gimme..i am very poor - 1 week ago
i can clearly see from the wall of shame - 1 week ago
that ratz is not being downvoted enuf - 1 week ago
he made it a whole month without even 8 downvotes - 1 week ago
and he beat me on the upvote count by 1 point - 1 week ago
i am sure there is some conspiracy here - 1 week ago
something needs to be done - 1 week ago
i will consult with the subject matter expert on downvotes - 1 week ago
dream - 1 week ago
and give my verdict - 1 week ago
Wyk interview plz - 1 week ago
Ayy lmao!! The Secret is out! - 1 week ago
Finally got my Tmart Mouse!! :D - 1 week ago
Looks wicked sick! :D - 1 week ago
ez - 1 week ago
another couple of giveaways are en route! - 1 week ago
Woohoo!! Ez entry! - 1 week ago
Can i enter :D? - 1 week ago
Swapgaming picks the winners directly. They've been given tags on the forum. The criteria to win is constructive feedback - 1 week ago
soo... I don't see why not :D - 1 week ago
praise yourself big feedbacks coming from ratz n sid :3 - 1 week ago
@cloudx if u include "share this post" in steps then it will catch more fire. - 1 week ago
oO - 1 week ago
pa arcana.. - 1 week ago
giffaway - 1 week ago
all the bhukkad log come out of the woodworks now - 1 week ago
hahahaha - 1 week ago
Best feedback given - 1 week ago
Hope it's good enough - 1 week ago
And the site is really good - 1 week ago
Currently searching for a lich bracer. Trading my Luna Hair and shield for it - 1 week ago
Please give match : - 1 week ago
ok Kappa feedback = given - 1 week ago
xD - 1 week ago
am i the only one who's not gonna participate in the PA arcana giveaway ?? - 1 week ago
that site is about trading so i couldn't stop myself for giving feedback :D - 1 week ago
@Dexter I would have included that but there's no way for us to track who shared it when we do it via the forums - 1 week ago
*from giving feedback - 1 week ago
no need to track..ppl will do anything to win and giveaway will get more entries - 1 week ago
WHY POORNA? WHY? :'( - 1 week ago
Thanks ratz sama for free Burnout paradise cd key :D ez game ez life :D - 1 week ago
^_^ - 1 week ago
:C you guys never reply to anything i say here........ such sadness, much cry - 1 week ago
@rapmech that statement is no longer true - 1 week ago
next person to comment here will get 5rr - 1 week ago
Ayy lmao! xD - 1 week ago
gimme gimme - 1 week ago
wow... can top 3 replies get 5 rrs? :P - 1 week ago
@ClouDx that's.. well played - 1 week ago
Ayy lmao! - 1 week ago
who got the rr????? - 1 week ago
ratz - 1 week ago
Ayy lmao Kappa :v - 1 week ago
[H] 2 DC HOOKS [W] leatherbelt voice - 1 week ago
he declined :( - 1 week ago
ayy lmao - 1 week ago
i forgot how to do the voice. sorry guys... - 1 week ago
Lies!! - 1 week ago
Any articles about ?? - 1 week ago
It's on the way - 1 week ago
made it to wall of fame still no badge....why u do this:( - 1 week ago
Yeah! The badges are bugged. This was my fourth time in the Wall Of Fame but my badge didn't get an upgrade after the 3rd win! - 1 week ago
It's been a while - 1 week ago
get rekt wall of fame bitches :P - 1 week ago
rofl - 1 week ago
cloudx sama y u no broadcast in steam :( - 1 week ago
soup - 1 week ago
soup - 1 week ago
tomato - 1 week ago
soup - 1 week ago
Soup, Soup, Tomato Soul - Imagine this in a Leather Belt Wala Voice Kappa - 1 week ago
@Dexter I downloaded the beta update - 1 week ago
I think steam broadcast is enabled by default yeah? - 1 week ago
Yea..u will get request if someone wants to see your game - 1 week ago
Only for the first person, you'll be requested ... then many pros and noobs will start watching your game - 1 week ago
Next person to comment here will get The Third Insight set of TA - 6 days ago
gimme gimme - 6 days ago
offer = sent. Enjoy Kappa - 6 days ago
XD - 6 days ago
SOB - 6 days ago
what is this! - 6 days ago
I miss all the items! - 6 days ago
bwahahahahaha - 6 days ago
:O :O - 6 days ago
I got a Nokia Lumia 730 instead ... I'm happy :3 - 6 days ago
DIAM - 6 days ago
WTF RATZ - 6 days ago
I thought for once ratz missed a shoutbox giveaway - 6 days ago
turns out nigga ditched to go win phone instead :V - 6 days ago
:v - 6 days ago
Best win ever! 2nd place in CoD tourney .. Played against India's best .. Felt sad that the kill difference between me and 1st guy was huge - 6 days ago
Ayy lmao! Congratz ! Kappa - 6 days ago
xD - 6 days ago
Thanks :D Kappa ;V - 6 days ago
dafuq.. which game u won ratz? - 6 days ago
sad.. dese 12 year or kids r playing noob games n taking home mobile.. - 6 days ago
I won CoD:AW, 2nd place :D .. but yeah .. I was kinda shocked when that 14 year old won the Xbox One :o - 6 days ago
COD was a 1v1 gig? - 5 days ago
why would ragequit cup season 2 will be a scam ?? i think most of you know ankit jayant :| - 5 days ago
I don't think it's a scam. But a forced tshirt purchase I'm not a fan of :/ - 5 days ago
but yeah most of us know ankit jayant, i think cloud has met him once too - 5 days ago
CoD wasn't a 1v1 gig ... It was a 10 man FFA. That's why I lost :P - 5 days ago
Jk ... But Eg0 players are soo OP - 5 days ago
sup ppl - 5 days ago
Ez giveaway win Kappa - 5 days ago
which giveaway? - 5 days ago
i missed a giveaway noooooooooooooooooooooooo - 5 days ago
Now which giveaway u won :O - 5 days ago
its not like forced tshirt purchase , its like a entry fee or like the contribution for the tournament. - 5 days ago
More like "When you can contribute for TI , why not for Indian Dota 2 Scene ??!". - 5 days ago
anyone thinking of going who are in the 3k bracket? - 5 days ago
have not decided but last date is 7th jan so who knows - 5 days ago
I contribute in a different way to TI, and TI doesn't force you to buy anything. I'm not saying I'm against entry fees. - 5 days ago
I just wish that the entry fee had been something like a few keys/rares as compared to a forced tshirt purchase. - 5 days ago
Just my personal opinion though I have nothing against the tournament. I hope it does well, it's about time we started crowdfunded tourneys - 5 days ago
so chill :P kappa - 5 days ago
^ Say this in a Leather Belt Wala Voice Kappa - 5 days ago
Note: Starting in the next few days, items purchased for Dota 2 either in-game or on the Steam Community Market will not be tradable or mark - 4 days ago
Fuck u valve!! putang ina mo :@ - 4 days ago
hw can siid be in hall of fame and hall of shame @ same time :P ? - 4 days ago
Sid is everywhere :P - 4 days ago
he got soo much fame that we needed to shame him a little - 4 days ago
RIP ppl who bought Genuine Hookblade of Skadi for 300 $ :D :D - 4 days ago
it will b in new treasure chest :D - 4 days ago
TIL Valve changes the trading meta just as often as the game meta - 4 days ago
Valve Killing traders :@ - 4 days ago
next comment gets 5rr .. Kappa - 4 days ago
me - 4 days ago
:d - 4 days ago
added :p - 4 days ago
offer = sent..enjoy Kappa :D - 4 days ago
haha shaurya :P - 4 days ago
I am shamelessly famous :V - 4 days ago
hyukhyukhyuk - 4 days ago
fuck shit missed giveaway - 4 days ago
fuckfuckfuckfuck - 4 days ago
giveaway time . Kappa - 3 days ago
next comment = 5rr - 3 days ago
thanks - 3 days ago
free 5 rr best prize - 3 days ago
cant send offer ur invent is private :p - 3 days ago
GIFF ME RARES! - 3 days ago
giff rares - 3 days ago
i win bets - 3 days ago
giff you back again - 3 days ago
Easiest 5rr of my lyf thanks ,Dexter! - 3 days ago
@virus...ur welcome Kappa. @chodina @xraypest ...sure la - 3 days ago
@xraypest ..there is something wrong with ur steam url - 3 days ago
Dexter !! why you no do giveaways when im online ? - 3 days ago
sorry for bad inglis - 3 days ago
@poorna time i rig giffaway . Kappa - 3 days ago
Dexter is too op! Thanks for d rares! :D - 3 days ago
:O Thanks bro XD i dont need rares atm got tons if you need extra help for rares in future let me know ;) - 3 days ago bro... @xraypest..thanks bro bt I' m good ;) - 3 days ago
Dexter is Kappa Claus - 3 days ago
Giff me Arcana from giveaway plox - 3 days ago
missed a giveaway...!! NO :( - 2 days ago
fuck u LORD GABEN!!! This market update is shit!!!!!! - 2 days ago
Congratz ratz sama :D You've done it again _/\_ Kappa - 2 days ago
GGGGGG - 2 days ago
Ez arcanas - 2 days ago
YAY!! :D - 2 days ago
Thank you Kappa-Claus!! Your blessing saved me :D - 2 days ago
plx am accualli veri puur. a los ol bets. ma childrn r hugri. teh wief is an whor. am en fgt. a need food fr ma chidrn or thy becum fgt liek - 2 days ago
plox giff arcana - 2 days ago
xD - 2 days ago
why is Indian Server even existing? o g m plox fix....... - 2 days ago
dexter plox pm me b4 giveaway... 322 giveaway best giveaway - 2 days ago
im so lonely broken angel, im so lonely listen to my heart, im so lonely broken angel, im so lonely listen to my heart, na na na na na na na - 2 days ago
I've played only one game on the Indian server so far - 2 days ago
I also played 1 game. game was very unevenly matched and the lagg is GG. Not going back anytime soon. - 2 days ago
Gratz to all em arcana winners. - 2 days ago
indian server = garena - 2 days ago
i think indian servers are great no more pinnoy trash really - 1 day ago
i played a few games on Indian server. i find it ok - 1 day ago
But there is shutter lagg sometimes - 1 day ago
shutter lag what are you using a camera to play dota? - 1 day ago
I have found only pinoy team mates on Indian Servers. Not touching them anytime soon! - 1 day ago
was the site down? - 1 day ago
yeah same thing happened some time before - 1 day ago
pinoys in indian server. we welcome you with love - 1 day ago
AY LMAOO! - 1 day ago
who won the giveaway anyway? - 1 day ago
Which giveaway? If it's the PA one, then the winners were XRay and me - 1 day ago
Check the last reply in the thread - 1 day ago
Xraypest and Ratzerino won the arcanas - 1 day ago
omg giff me trash item then - 1 day ago
I've been told it's someone boosting. Can't confirm though. - 1 day ago
holi fug - 1 day ago
its so cold here.. my skull is going to freeze and break off - 1 day ago
the last time i had the ballz to step out - 1 day ago
it was 1 degree - 1 day ago
myself maas yolo.. went out for a smoke in the snow - 1 day ago
gg - 1 day ago
i came back like tuskar - 1 day ago
my mustache and beard were frozen - 1 day ago
there was literally ice on it - 1 day ago
it the 3 mins i was outside - 1 day ago
tomorrow i going higher up in the mountain - 1 day ago
AMG! - 1 day ago
Ratzerino - 1 day ago
And ayy lmap - 1 day ago
lmao** - 1 day ago
next comment will get => Ormr the Lunar Dragon (Mirana's Mythical Mount) - 1 day ago
sdfjksdjf - 1 day ago
hue - 1 day ago
offer sent Kappa - 1 day ago
OMG LOL SCAm - 1 day ago
THIS WAS RIGGED - 1 day ago
CONFIRMED - 1 day ago
hahaha ratz wins everything :3 - 1 day ago
<3 - 1 day ago
Team Elunes- Kreygasm - 18 hours ago
:D - 17 hours ago
Anyone wants to buy games?? i can giff extra 20% discount on current store rate - 15 hours ago
Dexter why u no giff me items. - 12 hours ago
my place is -10degrees - 12 hours ago
TEAM ELUNES HYPE! - 11 hours ago
Who is FireAce ?? He's got red colored text on Swapgaming giveaway thread. - 10 hours ago
Elunes is too stronk - 10 hours ago
yeah new ppl getting red colour:( - 10 hours ago
why u do this - 10 hours ago
GIFFAWAY IS OUT!! - 10 hours ago
Kappa - 10 hours ago
way to make ppl like ur fb profileXD - 9 hours ago
Well! This is the standard protocol :P But people have liked it via YouTube :P - 9 hours ago
Fireace is just another new user - 7 hours ago
and not an admin - 7 hours ago
he has copy pasted a part of cloudx's post and then edited it so he was able to get the red text. - 7 hours ago
its a known bug we are trying to fix. - 7 hours ago
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