The Valley's Basic Plans to Visit PH and Train for NA's M5 Qualifiers



The Valley's Basic Plans to Visit PH and Train for NA's M5 Qualifiers

John Dave Rossel
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The Valley's pro player Basic plans to visit the Philippines to train for the upcoming M5 World Championship.
The travel plan is yet to be discussed by the team.
Basic plans to go to the Philippines after his semester.

The Valley’s star Gold Laner Peter "Basic" Lozano shared that he is interested in returning to the Philippines (PH) for training before North America’s (NA) M5 World Championship qualifiers. According to him, the plan still needs to be discussed by the squad. He would love to visit his country of origin but will not be staying there for a long time as he wants to aim for another run in the next Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) world series event. Basic also expressed his desire to hire a coach and an analyst for The Valley to help them in upcoming tournaments.

Basic wants to train in PH to prepare for the M5 World Championship

The Valley’s Filipino Gold Laner, Basic, was one of the most explosive pro players at the M4 World Championship. While the team only finished in 6th place in the world series event, it made the statement that North America has the potential to build powerhouse MLBB teams similar to Southeast Asia (SEA).

Through a livestream, Basic expressed his desire to return to his home country along with his teammates and train against other PH pro teams.

“We can but I gotta talk to them so, let’s see,” he said. 

The star Gold Laner also revealed that The Valley’s main squad may remain intact for the M5 World Championship but it would be an improvement if the squad had a coaching staff.

“I think we’re gonna stick. It’s bad if we keep changing roster,” said Basic. “Bro, if there is a coach, it’s good [or] at least an analyst or something.”

He further elaborated on his plans to travel to the Philippines, stating that he won’t be staying there for long.

“We’re just gonna play there to practice, not gonna be there forever,” said Basic. “After I finish my semester, I’m going back to the Philippines,” 

According to him, if The Valley does push through with training in the Philippines, the trip will just be long enough for them to return for North America’s M5 World Championship qualifiers.

This isn't the first time a North American team will be traveling to Southeast Asia for training. The former team of The Valley’s captain, Michael "MobaZane" Cosgun, also went to the Philippines and Indonesia as part of their training for the M4 World Championship. However, the squad disbanded before the world series event with most of its members joining The Valley.

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