Team Pacquiao GG to Enter the Wild Rift Esports Scene Soon


Team Pacquiao GG to Enter the Wild Rift Esports Scene

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Team Pacquiao GG teased fans that it will be joining the Wild Rift esports scene soon.
The organization may be looking to acquire one of the teams which qualified for the WCS 2022 - Philippines.
This will be Team Pacquiao GG's first Wild Rift esports team.

Team Pacquiao GG, the gaming and esports brand of the renowned Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao, teased its fans that it will soon venture into the League of Legends: Wild Rift esports scene. The organization previously focused on providing a platform for streamers and content creators in the Philippines to grow as professionals and masters of their own craft. Soon, the organization may be planning to acquire one of the teams that qualified for the Wild Rift Champions Southeast Asia (WCS) 2022 - Philippines (PH) group stage. This was hinted at through a teaser post and comment on the official page of the Philippines Pro Gaming League (PPGL).

Team Pacquiao GG may be acquiring one of the two non-organization teams in the WCS 2022 - Philippines

Shortly after the PPGL made the official announcement of the teams who qualified for the group stage of the WCS 2022 - Philippines, Team Pacquiao GG commented on the post. While it's just a simple emoji, this piqued the interest of a lot of Wild Rift fans.

Team Pacquiao GG Comment

Team Pacquiao GG Comment

John Dave

It was not until 16th Feb that the esports organization finally posted a teaser that it shall be venturing into the Wild Rift esports scene soon. However, Team Pacquiao GG is yet to reveal the exact date on when it shall reveal its team roster.

Fans speculated that the Team Pacquiao GG may be acquiring one of the two teams from the WCS 2022 - Philippines group stage, which are yet to be acquired by an organization. The two candidates were AXS and LF (Looking For) Adoption.

One of the popular Wild Rift casters in the Philippines, Yuuko Ishikawa, announced recently that LF Adoption has finally found an organization to call home. However, Yuuko did not reveal which organization has acquired the roster of LF Adoption.

What is Team Pacquiao GG?

Team Pacquiao GG first debuted back on 4th Dec 2021. According to the organization, its main goal is to build a gaming community to promote competition and charity.

The Team Pacquiao GG esports and gaming content brand was founded by the legendary Filipino boxer, Manny Pacquiao under a joint venture with UK-based Veloce Group. Veloce Group handles its esports brand Veloce Esports, an Extreme E simulation racing team, as well as Quadrant, an esports joint venture with McLaren F1 Driver Lando Norris.

Team Pacquiao GG was also the reason for the return of Shin Boo “Sh1n Boo” Ponferrada’s community-driven SEA (Southeast Asia) Wild Rift esports event, the Wild Rift Underground. The tournament will be a weekly tournament for all SEA teams, boasting a ₱15,000 ($292 USD) Peso prize pool.

This will be Team Pacquiao GG’s first venture into the Wild Rift esports scene. Regardless of whichever team it may acquire, aiming for a championship title in its debut tournament will be the organization’s primary goal.

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