Snax to Move to S8UL Esports’ Bootcamp Soon


Snax to Move to S8UL Esports’ Bootcamp Soon

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Snax revealed how he joined S8UL Esports and why he has not yet moved to the organization’s bootcamp.
Following this, he revealed how everything happened suddenly in a single day, and he was not prepared.
He also revealed that he would move to S8UL Esports’ Bootcamp in three to four days.

Raj “Snax” Verma recently joined S8UL Esports as a content creator. Snax was seen conducting an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with his viewers in a recent livestream on his YouTube channel. During this session, a lot of his viewers asked him multiple questions regarding him joining S8UL. In response to the questions, Snax explained how he joined the organization, why he has not yet moved to the bootcamp, and when he plans to move.

Snax reveals how he joined S8UL Esports

Snax announced that he had joined S8UL Esports on the final day of Dreamhack Hyderabad 2022. S8UL Esports made a final announcement on its social media handles the following day. One of Snax’s viewers asked him when he would move to the organization’s bootcamp. “It was just announced. Everything happened in a single day. I was shocked at how everything happened in one day,” he said.

Snax revealed that he had approached Lokesh “Goldy” Jain in the past and told him he wanted to join S8UL Esports. “I told Goldy around six months ago that I wanted to join S8UL Esports. After that, we met on the last day of Dreamhack Hyderabad 2022. Goldy, on the spot, asked MortaL and Thug and announced in front of everyone that I had joined S8UL,” said Snax.

As everything took place suddenly in a single day, Snax was not prepared to move to S8UL Esports’ bootcamp. He added, “I have three to four days. I will prepare as fast as I can and move to the bootcamp.”

Prior to joining S8UL, Snax was a professional Battlegrounds Mobile India (BMGI) player for Team XO. However, he left the organization in August 2022. He has now joined S8UL and will soon move to S8UL Esports bootcamp, where he will continue to make content and livestream different games on his YouTube channel. Furthermore, he will also be a part of the organization’s upcoming content on its YouTube channel.

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