Smart Omega Secured Top Playoffs Seed in COD Mobile World Championship 2022


Smart Omega Secures Top Playoffs Seed at COD Mobile World Championship 2022

John Dave Rossel
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Smart Omega secured its playoffs seed for the COD Mobile World Championship 2022 in Group A.
The team finished its group stage run with two clean sweep victories.
Smart Omega will now play in the playoffs stage and aim for the championship title.

The Call of Duty (COD) Mobile World Championship 2022 contender from the Philippines (PH), Smart Omega, is off to a dominant start in the group stage of the tournament. The squad finished its stint with a flawless record, securing a top playoffs seed in the world series event.  Smart Omega took down the biggest names in the COD Mobile esports scene - STMN Esports from Europe and NYSL Mayhem from North America (NA) with clean sweep victories. With a solid performance in the group stage of the COD Mobile World Championship 2022, the PH squad is on its way to face SKADE of Latin America in the playoffs on 17th December at 10:00 PM (PHT).

Smart Omega to face tougher challengers in the COD Mobile World World Championship 2022 playoffs

On the opening day of the COD Mobile World Championship 2022, held in Raleigh, North Carolina, Smart Omega crushed the competition in the group stage and secured two consecutive clean sweep victories to earn the top seed slot for the playoffs stage.

The team is now guaranteed at least a Top 8 finish in the global tournament facing Brazil's SKADE in the quarterfinals.

Smart Omega first swept Europe's STMN Esports with a dominant 250 - 213 victory in the Hardpoint map in the first game then dominated further  with a 12 - 10 triumph in Search and Destroy in the second game.

The PH squad closed out the series against the European powerhouse with a convincing 3 - 0 win in the Control map in Game 3.

Keeping its momentum going, Smart Omega delivered a solid beatdown against NSYL Mayhem, establishing a hundred-point lead before closing the match with a 250:243 win in Hardpoint in the first game.

The NA squad tried its  best to equalize the match by applying pressure on the PH representative. However, Smart Omega secured a clutch win of 7- 5 score in the second game of Search and Destroy before closing the series with a solid 3 - 0 win in Control.

Smart Omega is the only remaining Southeast Asian (SEA) team in the playoffs after Singapore's Almighty was eliminated from the competition by the Brazilian squad SKADE.

It will be interesting to see if Smart Omega will be able to keep its momentum going in the playoffs stage of the COD Mobile World Championship 2022

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