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Rhapsody Is the Newest Character in Apex Legends Mobile

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Apex Legends Mobile's newest character 'Rhapsody' will join on 12th July with Season 2.
Rhapsody might have movement abilities along with a barrier to protect her teammates.
She will launch with the new Pythas Block Zero map, which shall also go live on the same day as her launch.

Apex Legends Mobile is getting yet another exclusive legend as part of Season 2. Rhapsody, who is a DJ (disc jockey) and Apex Legend, will bring her musical and combat prowess to the Apex Games on 12th July. Like Lifeline, she also has a robot sidekick and considering both the resident medic and our new DJ love music, we might get to see some cool interactions in-game. Here is everything you need to know about Rhapsody in Apex Legends Mobile.

Who is Rhapsody in Apex Legends Mobile?

Rhapsody is from Komma, which is influenced by the tech giant Pythas Inc. Rhapsody’s mother was an employee at Pythas but was fired after finding out company secrets. The legend’s family is now in debt and she has to compete in the Apex Games to keep a roof over her loved ones’ heads.

Rhapsody is joined by Rowdy, which is her AI sidekick. The robot was designed by Rhapsody’s mother, an adept engineer who created Rowdy to keep the legend safe. While Rhapsody’s abilities have not been revealed yet, Respawn has revealed that she will bring music and rhythm-themed abilities to the game and her new cinematic showed off parts of her kit.

It is likely that Rhapsody has a movement speed boost similar to Octane as the trailer showcased the legend escaping Caustic while an equalizer showed up on her feet. She also has a barrier that players can shoot through. It might be similar to Rampart’s amped cover but the trailer did not confirm if enemy bullets can pierce through.

More information about the legend will be available at a later date. The new season is set to drop on 12th July and not only will we get to play with Rhapsody, but also experience the new map ‘Pythas Block Zero.’ It is unknown which game modes the new map will be available in.

With the release of Rhapsody, we now have two legends that are on Apex Legends Mobile but not on other platforms. It is currently unknown if Respawn will be porting over the legends to PC and other platforms or if they will remain mobile-exclusive. With both Rhapsody and Fade focusing on movement-based abilities, Respawn might want to keep them mobile-exclusive as players have very polarizing opinions on such legends.

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