NODWIN Gaming Partners with PVR Cinemas to Bring Esports Events to Theaters

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NODWIN Gaming has partnered with PVR Cinemas to stream BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) esports events at theaters in Indian cities.
The partnership will see additional esports titles become a part of the content offering in the future.
The events will also be streamed on the PVR Cinemas app for fans who want to catch up on all of the action at home.

South Asian esports company NODWIN Gaming has partnered with Indian cinema exhibition company PVR cinemas to launch India’s first in-cinema esports live tournaments. The partnership will see Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) events hosted by NODWIN. The events will be aired at theaters and more games will be added over time. NODWIN seeks to take advantage of the rapid growth of Indian esports and the entertainment industry to bring large screen experiences for esports fans. The quarter-final, semi-final and finals of various BGMI events, in each participating city, will be broadcasted in select PVR Cinemas. The usual live streams on various digital platforms will also be available including Facebook and YouTube.

NODWIN wants to promote esports at the city-level throughout India

In an exclusive interview with AFK Gaming, Akshat Rathee, MD & Co-Founder of NODWIN Gaming said that the partnership connects with the “change in choices of the youth in India” and it taps into their interests. He also revealed that the esports events that will be aired at theaters may also be streamed on the PVR Cinemas app.

The partnership is a form of a social experiment that will cater to the audience that wants to go out and catch up on live events with friends at the theaters. Rathee estimated that while around 90% of the audience prefers watching a movie or event at home on streaming platforms, but the rest of the audience will go the theaters for the experience. He said that the partnership is still in an experimental stage and “it is not going to be the final product” as it will continue to evolve over time and offer what the audience wants.

He stated in the official press release that the esports company has always emphasized on the importance of reinforcing grassroot development and the partnership with PVR can lead to the exposure of esports and present it to the mainstream entertainment industry. He said “Esports as an upcoming medium of interactive entertainment has had its fair share of visibility in the jam-packed arenas but it’s about time that we bring action to the silver screen.”

Kamal Gianchandani, Chief of Strategy of PVR stated “With us becoming a part of Indian esports eco-system, we have the opportunity to serve our purpose by giving PVR communities another entertaining way to gather on our esports platform.”

The partnership will see limited cities get access to esports events on the big screen. Fans can stay updated with NODWIN Gaming’s social media pages to find out when the events kick off in their nearest cities.



Disclaimer: NODWIN Gaming is a minority investor and a client of AFK Gaming.

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