Fake BGMI 2.0 Launch Trailer Surfaces YouTube


Multiple Fake BGMI 2.0 Launch Trailers Surface on YouTube

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A “BGMI 2.0” launch trailer has gone viral on YouTube, which has excited the entire BGMI community for the game’s return.
However, the trailer is rather bogus as it is not from an official source.
Krafton has not officially released any statement or videos about the game’s return.

Since the block of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) in the country, a lot of bogus BGMI channels and trailers have surfaced on YouTube. Recently, a “BGMI 2.0” launch trailer went viral on YouTube, which excited many in the BGMI community about the game’s return. However, the trailer is bogus and Krafton has not officially released any promotions about the game’s return after its removal from the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

BGMI fans should only look out for official announcements from Krafton

Recently, Krafton added new tutorial video links in the event section of BGMI and the support section of the game’s website. The link to tutorial videos redirected users to YouTube videos uploaded on a channel named “KRAFTON PLAYER SUPPORT.” All the videos uploaded on the channel were unlisted and only accessible through the in-game tutorial or the website. Notably, this was an official channel by Krafton, and all the uploaded videos were also official. This news stirred up the BGMI community with the excitement of some good news from Krafton.

Within a day of these changes getting noticed, a lot of channels with the same name, “KRAFTON PLAYER SUPPORT,” were created to hunt views. One such channel uploaded a “BGMI 2.0” video to attract views and succeeded in getting thousands of views within a matter of hours. Many believed that this was an official channel from Krafton. However, the channel, as well as the video, are not officially from Krafton.

The trailer was just a re-upload of BGMI’s official trailer from last year, “The Launch Party - BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA.” Although a lot of videos have already been taken down by YouTube, many such videos are still available, and all of them are fake. Most of the videos look official, as they are just re-uploads of different videos from Krafton’s official BGMI channel. Hence, fans should be aware that all these videos are fake and should not be trusted at all.

BGMI is still blocked in the country, and Krafton won’t be releasing any re-launch trailers before it gets the green light from the government of India. Krafton will make all the announcements on its official social media handles. As a result, fans should always check for a verified mark on respective social media platforms when they encounter any such news.

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