Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.92 Full Notes and Updates



ML Patch 1.5.92 Full Notes and Updates

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The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Patch 1.5.92 update has been released on the advanced server. Following the Project Next UI update in the advanced server, the Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.92 update completely overhauls the visual aspect of the game. As a result of this update, tons of changes have been made to the equipment and heroes in-game. A few skill and item descriptions have also been revised to provide a more accurate and easy-to-understand description of skills and abilities. The following is the complete patch note for Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.92 before it is released on regular servers.

ML Patch 1.5.92 Hero Adjustments

Aulus received a slight biff.



Aulus felt a bit weak as a fighter hero. The devs gave him more damage.


  • Base Physical Attack: 94 → 104

  • Physical Attack Growth: 7.75 → 9.75


  • Damage Increase provided by full stacks: 120% → 125%

Skill 2:

  • Base Damage: 200-600 → 350-650

  • Base HP Regen provided by enhanced attacks: 50 → 100

  • Optimized the skill description.


Similar to Aulus, Natan felt weak compared to other marksmen. The devs buffed his early to mid-game damage.


  • Base Physical Attack: 110 → 115

Basic Attack:

  • Physical Attack Bonus for Damage:70% → 75%

  • Lifesteal: 30% → 40%

Skill 1:

  • Cooldown: 7-4.5s → 6-4.5s


  • The ratio of Attributes inherited by the Reverse-Clone: 25-35% 30-35%


Yve has been outperforming a lot lately. The devs are tuning her down to give enemies a fighting chance.


  • Shield: 500-900 + 150 Magic Power → 300-700 + 100 Magic Power

  • Immobilizing Effect Duration: 0.5s → 0.3s


Despite his powerful crowd control abilities, Phoveus lacks the damage to scare off enemies. The devs are tuning him up a bit.

Skill 1:

  • Cooldown: 3.5s → 2.5s


  • Base Damage: 440-680 → 660-980

  • Magic Power Bonus:150% → 200%


Gloo is too tanky due to his insane regenerative abilities. The devs are lowering his HP regen from his ultimate skill.


HP Regen per second when split apart: 4-5% → 3-4%


Skill 2:

  • Base Damage: 200-500 + 120% Physical Attack → 150-450 + 150% Physical Attack

  • Enhanced Damage: Changed according to the same ratio as Base Damage.


Karina is powerful but falls very hard when behind. The devs are giving her a slight boost to prevent her from underperforming when behind.

Skill 2:

  • Damage: 305-430 + 115% Magic Power → 350-550 + 130% Magic Power

Luo Yi

Luo Yi received slight adjustments.


The devs adjusted his burst damage while buffing her ultimate skill.


  • Reaction Damage: 400 + 15 *Hero Level → 300 + 30 *Hero Level


  • Increased the distance of Luo Yi's teleportation at all levels.


A slight cooldown reduction to help Balmond spam his skills more.

Skill 2:

  • Cooldown: 7s → 6s


  • Cooldown: 32-24s → 28-18s

ML Patch 1.5.92 Battlefield Adjustments

Equipment Effects


  • Movement Speed Increase: 30-75% → 44-80%

  • Optimized the description.


  • Physical Attack/Magic Power Increase: 15-38 → 13-33

Flame Retribution:

  • Physical Attack and Magic Power absorbed from targets: 35-70 → 32-60

  • New Rule: Now equipment can be sold at its original price within the first 15s of the game.

ML Patch 1.5.92 Weekly Free Heroes

8 Free Heroes: June 25, 2021 to July 2, 2021

  • Cecilion, Vale, Minsitthar, Alice, Hylos, Ling, Diggie, Lylia

6 Extra Heroes for Starlight Member :

  • Yve, Benedetta, Hanzo, Lunox, Selena, Alucard

ML Patch 1.5.92 Other Adjustments

  • Optimized equipment tips. Now the tips include the special rules of the entire equipment system (on the right side of Preparation > Builds > Pro Builds).

  • Optimized the Damage Text size of Jungling Footwear skill [Hunter].

  • Optimized the display of the system message shown when entering the battlefield with Retribution.

  • Fixed Lancelot's Ultimate. Now he can pierce through obstacles at the longest range of it.

  • Optimized the description of Uranus' Skill 1.

  • Fixed the description of Sun's Ultimate.

The Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.92 is currently only available in the advanced server of the game. It might take a while for it to arrive on the regular servers. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for upcoming updates.

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