Squad up with friends to participate in the BGMI Lobby Screenshot Contest.


Krafton Launches BGMI Lobby Screenshot Contest

Nutan Lele
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The BGMI Lobby Screenshot Contest will be open till 24th Aug 2021.
Players can submit a lobby screenshot or GIF to win a supply crate coupon.

Krafton has announced the BGMI Lobby Screenshot Contest today. The top 300 submissions will each get a Supply Crate Coupon which can be redeemed for a crate. Players will have to capture a screenshot of a BGMI lobby with their squad and share their lobby stories for a chance to win the rewards. Players will need to tag any of the BGMI social media handles such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. The BGMI Lobby Screenshot Contest starts on 17th August and will end on 24th August at 23:59 Hours IST. The winners will be announced on the BGMI official social media channels after 30 days during September.

How To Participate in BGMI Lobby Screenshot Contest

Both image and GIF submissions are accepted for the contest so get creative with a full lobby of friends to capture a unique moment.

  • Tag any one of BGMI’s official channels

Instagram: @battlegroundsmobilein_official

Facebook: @Battlegrounds Mobile India


  • Use the hashtag #BATTLEGROUNDSLOBBY and mention the character UID in the image or description text.

  • Share it as a public post on either Instagram or Facebook and tag any of the above official channels to participate in the contest.

  • Note that the participant should submit only one entry. In case of multiple submissions, Krafton will only consider the last one.

Participants cannot post on behalf of others as only self submissions will be accepted. The winners will be announced on BGMI's official social media channels within 30 days of the event’s end date. The top 300 entries will be rewarded with the Supply Crate Coupon X 1 based on the UID shared. Crates can be opened by using corresponding Coupons and may unlock some legendary outfits as well as cool weapon skins. Read about the terms of service related to player created content on the BGMI official website here.

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