Hyderabad Nawabs Are The Free Fire City Open (FFCO) India 2021 Champions


Hyderabad Nawabs Is the Free Fire City Open (FFCO) India 2021 Champion

FFCO 2021 concludes with Hyderabad Nawabs reigning as the champions.

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Hyderabad Nawabs was crowned as the champion of Free Fire City Open (FFCO) 2021.
The team walked away with INR 15,00,000 ($20,167 USD) in prize money, having won the tournament with a difference of just one point.
The last match proved to be quite the thriller as Hyderabad Nawabs took the one point lead from Delhi Titans on the back of an extra kill.

The much-hyped grassroots level Free Fire tournament Free Fire City Open (FFCO) India 2021 has concluded with Hyderabad Nawabs winning the tournament by just one point. The National Finals which took place yesterday on 15th August from 18:00 lived up to all its hype, as viewers witnessed an extremely close finish between the top three teams - Hyderabad Nawabs, Delhi Titans, and Lucknow Tigers. Following this victory, Hyderabad Nawabs received INR 15,00,000 ($20,167 USD) in prize money while claiming the title of being the FFCO 2021 champions. The tournament that kicked off in April 2021 came to an exhilarating finish as teams proudly represented their respective cities in this completely open tournament.

FFCO 2021 concludes with Hyderabad Nawabs being crowned as the champions

The National Finals of FFCO 2021 came to an end yesterday as all the 12 qualified teams, representing their own cities, went against each other across six matches. Here is what the points table looked like after all the matches were played and the action came to an end,

The top three teams were too close to each other, as they dished out some incredible performances. All three delivered consistently across the six matches, with Hyderabad Nawabs and Delhi Titans ending their run in the final map in quite a climactic action.

The final match taking place on Kalahari witnessed Delhi Titans claiming the sixth position while Hyderabad Nawabs placed seventh, both the teams received six points each for their placement, equalizing their overall score at 71.

However, Nawabs had secured a total of two kills in the final game as compared to a single kill taken by Titans. This gave them a crucial lead of just a single point that ended up being the decisive difference after the final match came to an end.

FFCO 2021 Champions - Hyderabad Nawabs

Lucknow Tigers also had a mighty good run as they finished with an overall score of 70. After the top three, there was a significant gap of 17 points, which goes on to show how dominating these three teams were when compared to the remaining nine.

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