Free Fire Bans Over 1 Million Accounts For Hacking And Cheating


Free Fire Bans Over 1 Million Accounts for Hacking and Cheating

Garena strikes hard against the cheating community banning more than a million accounts in the last two weeks.

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Garena has stated that it banned over a million Free Fire player accounts in the past 2 weeks.
The majority of these Free Fire player accounts have been handed a ban for using 'Auto-Aim', followed by 'Teleport', 'Wall Hack' and others.
13,002 Free Fire accounts that intentionally played along with hackers were also issued a ban by Garena.

Garena has struck back against Free Fire cheaters, announcing that it had banned more than a million FF accounts within the last 2 weeks. The developer of the mobile-based Battle Royale has always been an advocate of a clean gaming environment for all its users, continuing to take appropriate actions against these bad actors. Similar Free Fire ban waves have been handed out by Garena in the past, taking action against more than 1.2 million accounts in May last month, while also issuing a permanent ban to more than 3.7 million devices in September last year. Now almost a month later, a total of 1,058,472 Free Fire accounts have been struck with a permanent ban, as per a report published by Garena.

Over 1 Million Free Fire Accounts Banned by Garena

Garena just a month after banning 1.2 million accounts has once again taken action against 1,058,472 Free Fire accounts. Out of the total number of permanently banned accounts, 55% or 529,236 accounts are those that had actually been reported by other players in the past.

This goes on to show that the developers are actively monitoring the reports made by the players, checking the reported accounts for any malicious or illicit activities that may damage the matchmaking integrity.

More than a million Free Fire player accounts have been banned

Further breakdown of the 1,058,472 banned Free Fire accounts gives us detailed information about the reason behind them being handed a ban.

  • ‘Auto-Aim’ is the main reason due to which 68.6% or 726,112 accounts of the above mentioned total were handed a ban.

  • This was followed by 'Teleport' at 14.7% or 180,999 Free Fire accounts.

  • The third most used cheat was ‘Wall Hack’ at 12.3% or 130,192 accounts.

  • The remaining 2% of the banned accounts were categorized under the category of ‘Others’, totalling to 21,169 accounts.

Various Free Fire Cheats for which accounts were banned

Garena had earlier informed Free Fire players to not tolerate any hackers in the game, sending out a clear warning that if they were found teaming up with them intentionally, it would result in a ban for them as well. The developers have definitely kept their word as 13,002 Free Fire accounts were banned for intentionally playing with hackers.

The developers also stated that newly updated cheat detection methods have been introduced to combat hackers, in order to create a fair gaming environment.

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