Coach Rivalry Continues As Omega Esports Upsets Nexplay EVOS


Coach Rivalry Continues As Omega Esports Upsets Nexplay EVOS

John Dave Rossel
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Omega Esports scores a 2-1 match series against Nexplay EVOS in the second day of the MPL PH Season 9 Week 3.
Nexplay EVOS managed to hold its own initially but Omega Esports was clinical with its team fights throughout the series.
Omega Esports' E2MAX clarified that the trashtalk between Omega Esports and Nexplay EVOS players was simply friendly banter.

Omega Esports continued its momentum with another solid victory against Nexplay EVOS on the second day of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 9 Week 3. Nexplay EVOS gave a stellar performance as its amateur standouts showed off their mechanical skills and opened up a deciding match. However, Omega Esports remained clinical with its team fights through the series and secured a 2-1 win.

Through a post-match interview, shortly after the match against Nexplay EVOS, Omega Esports’ mid laner explains that there is a friendly rivalry between the team’s two coaches- Nexplay EVOS’ John "Zico" Michael Dizon Omega Esports’ Jomie "Pakbet" Abalos.

Omega Esports showed who is the better coach in friendly rivalry with Nexplay EVOS

The first match saw Omega Esports dominate the early game skirmishes. This put Nexplay EVOS in a bad position where it struggled to find its momentum. With impressive resource control, Omega Esports did not hesitate to close the match and secure a victory in less than 15 minutes.

Nexplay EVOS struggled to stall out the match and could not recover.

The second game saw Nexplay EVOS assert complete dominance over Omega Esports. Despite Omega Esports fielding a ton of crowd control heroes such as Selena and Franco, Nexplay EVOS was able to take the gold and objective lead and finished the match to open up a final deciding match for the series.

In the third and final game, Omega Esports had control over the map thanks to Patrick "E2MAX" James Caidic’s Selena keeping check of Jhon "H2WO" Salonga’s Hayabusa, and Emanuel "Elpizo" Candelaria’s Mathilda. This limited Nexplay EVOS’ movement and allowed Dean “Raizen” Christian Sumagui’s Aulus to freely secure objectives. With Nexplay EVOS unable to bounce back due to the massive gold and kill lead, Omega Esports was able to close the match and win the series.

Nexplay EVOS could not contest the team fight dominance of Omega Esports.

The trashtalks were just friendly banter, according to E2MAX

After the match series indeed, fans noticed the heavy feud between Omega Esports and Nexplay EVOS. The team’s mid laner clarified that this is all just friendly banter between the two teams and it is nothing serious.

“It’s because of Dogie and Billy, they were the first ones to trash talk so even the team joined in,” E2MAX said.

Nexplay EVOS’ coach Setsuna “Dogie” Ignacio and Omega Esports’ substitute EXP laner, Billy “Z4pnu” Jazha Alfonso are amongst the first pro players to have started their career in MLBB esports. The two had a habit of indulging in friendly banter which affected their respective teams.

E2MAX clarified that despite the trashtalking, both teams are good friends behind the scenes and are used to indulging in friendly banter.

One of the friendly arguments that Nexplay EVOS and Omega Esports have is who is better among their respective head coaches. Given the results of the recent match series, E2MAX answered proudly that its coach Pakbet.

“Of course, Pakbet is much better because he has already proven a lot and we can already see it just by the results (of the recent match) on who is better,” he said.

Omega Esports’ journey in the regular season of the MPL PH Season 9 is far from over as more matches will be held in the coming days.

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