Blacklist International Warns Fans About Fake Quotes Circulating Online

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Fake quote cards of Blacklist International players saying derogatory statements about Indonesian players have started spreading online.
Blacklist International made an official statement, stating that the quotes were fake.
Blacklist International also reminded fans to be more careful when spreading information online.

Recent fake posts allegedly quoted from Blacklist International’s pro players Johnmar "OhMyV33NUS" Villaluna and Kiel "OHEB" Soriano started going viral online. These quotes were targeted toward Indonesian Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) pro players in an offensive manner. Following the spread of these derogatory posts, Blacklist International issued a statement on its official social media handles, claiming that these quotes are fake and do not represent its talents and its views towards the said Indonesian pro players. The esports organization also reminded the fans to check original sources before sharing anything online to avoid spreading fake news that could impact someone’s reputation.

Blacklist International slams fake quotes circulating online

Fake questionable quotes regarding Blacklist International members mocking other Indonesian pro players have begun circulating in the MLBB community.

One of the fake Indonesian quotes claimed that OhMyV33NUS said "We want to meet EVOS in M4 [World Championship] because their coach said that their roster is stronger than WORLD, but unfortunately they didn't pass PLAYOFF."

Another one was a post about OHEB allegedly saying "EVOS deserves not to enter the playoffs because they're playing like elementary school children, especially Clover playing kek[W] bot."

Through a social media post on Facebook, Blacklist International issued an official statement regarding the derogatory quotes allegedly coming from its pro players.

“These quotes claim that our players and coaches have been belittling our fellow MPL teams in Indonesia," stated Blacklist International. "These are fabricated and misrepresent their character. Though they are opponents in-game, we have the utmost respect for these teams and their players.”

The esports organization added that fans should “properly check their sources to avoid spreading misinformation.”

The post also has a Bahasa translation to inform Indonesian fans about the spread of fake derogatory quotes.

With how easy and fast information can spread, fans should take the time to check posts for legitimacy before sharing or posting them online. Needless to say, fans should also be mindful of their actions online and refrain from attacking anyone over “fake quotes” or any other issues.

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