Here is all you need to know about Apex Mobile Aftershow.


Apex Legends Mobile Aftershow Patch Notes Released

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Apex Legends Mobile is getting a mid-season update called Aftershow which includes a new game mode, map changes, and a new battle pass.
Here is all you need to know about Apex Legends Mobile Aftershow.

The Apex Legends Mobile Aftershow patch notes are here with a brand new battle pass, a new game mode, seasonal events, map, and ranked updates. Apex Legends Mobile developers confirmed that Apex Legends Mobile: Aftershow will go live on 4th October, at 5:00 pm PT (5th October, 8:00 am SGT/ 5:30 am IST). Here is what’s new in the Apex Legends Mobile Aftershow update.

Aftershow Patch Notes

The Aftershow update was announced in an EA blog post. The update includes the new solo battle royale game mode. Unlike the usual 3-person squad queue, the game is going the route of other battle royales by letting players solo queue. This means players won’t get outnumbered if they do decide to drop alone in a squad game. Aftershow is also adding seasonal events which will have rewards up for grabs.

Take Back - 8th Oct - 18th Oct

Fade made his debut on Worlds Edge back in May. If you have yet to unlock this Phasing Punisher, Take Back is where you can do it. Simply complete missions to unlock him during this limited-time event.

Battle Pass Boost - 8th - 10th Oct & 15th - 17th Oct

During this time, additional missions will be available to further progress your Battle Pass XP to speed up your progress.

7 Day Log In Streak - 14th - 21st Oct

Log in every day during this time period for more rewards and an Epic Loba Skin that will be attainable at the beginning of the Champions Season after Aftershow concludes.

Pro Mode - 11th - 12th Oct

During this time additional Seasonal Currency will be up for grabs via special missions for you to complete by playing HACK. Players can also earn extra rewards from the VIP store.

Sniper Showcase - 5th - 11th Oct

Practice your long game with your enemies by completing special sniper missions during this time period for special rewards including the Saltwater Sentinel Skin. Aftershow also includes a new battle pass:

Apex Legends Mobile Aftershow includes a new battle pass.

Map and Ranked Changes

Beginning on 12th October, the Kings Canyon map will be going through some changes. Encore Galore and Pythas Theater will be leaving the map for both the Ranked and Normal BR modes. However, Seasonal Currency from supply bins will still be available across the map.

Completing missions on select weekends will let you earn Rank Protection cards that will help protect you from losing points during a match should you or your teammates have bad matches. Players can log in each day of the Aftershow event to claim a Ranked Level Protector. You can also complete two Ranked matches to earn a Ranked Point Protector.

Note that all Ranked Level and Ranked Point protection will expire after 7 days or when the season ends, you will be notified automatically when they expire. This protection will only be available by engaging in the events and will not be available for purchase. Players will be able to queue up with friends up to Platinum. The developers have removed any rank restrictions for those up to this rank so you can party up together to play a ranked game. The Ranked Protection Card events will go live on:

  • 8th - 10th October

  • 15th - 17th October

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