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Aerowolf LIMAX Banned From All PUBG Mobile Tournaments Until 2022

PUBG Mobile Bans Aerowolf LIMAX Until End of 2022

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Indonesian team Aerowolf LIMAX will not be able to participate in official PUBG MOBILE tournaments around the world until Dec 31, 2022.
PUBG Mobile took this decision as a reaction to Aerowolf LIMAX's mismanagement that has apparently resulted in a costly financial loss to all the players on this team".
At the time of writing this article, the org has not issued any official statement on this situation

Indonesian esports organization Aerowolf Pro Team's PUBG Mobile division Aerowolf LIMAX has been banned from participating in all PUBG Mobile tournaments until December 31, 2022. The announcement went live earlier today on June 16, catching the Indonesian gaming community by surprise. According to PUBG Mobile Esports Indonesia, Aerowolf LIMAX has been denied eligibility to compete in all PUBG Mobile leagues around the world until the end of next year due to the organization's mismanagement which led to a financial loss for all players on its roster. Aerowolf LIMAX has yet to make an official statement on the matter at the time of writing.

PUBG Mobile while stating that they will always be advocating for a fair and healthy ecosystem for all professional players to grow and thrive in, has apparently banned Aerowolf LIMAX on the grounds of "unfair treatment of players by team owners and managers in the ecosystem".

PUBG Mobile Esports Indonesia shared the information about Aerowolf LIMAX's ban through their social media handles.

Effective immediately, Aerowolf LIMAX will be deprived of its rights to participate in PUBG Mobile leagues around the world until December 31, 2022. This is a reaction to Aerowolf LIMAX's mismanagement that has caused a costly financial loss to the professional players on this team.
PUBG Mobile Esports Indonesia (Translated from Indonesian to English using Google Translate)

So far no official response has been made by Aerowolf Pro Team, which is the parent esports organization for the PUBG Mobile team Aerowolf LIMAX. The current decision by PUBG Mobile will be affecting the following Indonesian players which are currently on their roster,

  • Noval "Hzlnuts" Adrian Putra - IGL, Scout

  • Edo "Spaov" Aprilia Saputra - Support

  • Renal "Renalre" Dimas - Support

  • Sharfan "Potato" Syahman Shodiq - Rusher

  • Rafif "SuperUna" Febriano - Sub, Rusher

Aerowolf Pro Team used to operate two PUBG Mobile teams, Aerowolf LIMAX and Aerowolf Zoo. While the former has now been banned from participating in all PUBG Mobile tournaments taking place across the world, the latter was left without a roster following the departure of all their players between April-May 2021.

It is not known at this point in time whether the organization would still be able to participate in PUBG Mobile tournaments through this secondary team or not, which at the moment is inactive without a actual roster.

Aerowolf LIMAX had not been having a great competitive season since the start of 2021 before their ban, underperforming in four PUBG Mobile tournaments that they had participated in. They made it through the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) - Season 3 2021: Indonesia League, barely managing to grab the last qualifying slot for the next stage of the circuit.

However, a seventh place finish at the PMPL - Season 3 2021: Indonesia Finals meant that their run had come to an end, as they failed to qualify for the PMPL - S1 2021: Southeast Asia Championship.

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