Tesla’s Model 3 comes to Game of Peace, Chinese PUBG Mobile

Tesla’s Model 3 comes to Game of Peace, Chinese PUBG Mobile

Nutan Lele
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Tesla is partnering up with Chinese PUBG Mobile (also known as Game of Peace) to launch a version of it in its Tesla Arcade. Tesla Arcade is an in-car video game system introduced in China. Like a few other games on the system, they modify it to involve Tesla vehicles in the game. This video showcases a real-life loot crate being airdropped at Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai:

Tesla's loot crate arrives in Shanghai

While the footage is video game rendering, Tesla brought an actual drop package to Gigafactory Shanghai to reveal a Purple Model 3. 

Soon after, Tesla also brought a package to Shanghai's Taikoo Hui Shopping Mall :

It later revealed a Purple Model 3.

The official announcement reads players can “pick up” the Tesla cars with “limited edition skins” in Game of Peace. 

Tesla's Purple Model 3

The car skin will be available in the Chinese PUBG Mobile exclusively, no plans of a global launch are in sight. Game Of Peace not only added Tesla Model 3 into the game but also Model S & X. This will be the second partnership by PUBG Mobile this month. Earlier they collaborated with Yahama to launch its two bikes as skins in the global version.

Tencent was forced to shut down PUBG Mobile in China last year because the developers couldn’t get the game monetized. This led to the developer rebranding the game as 'Game of Peace' to continue with its operations in China. The game is exactly similar to PUBG Mobile but “less violent” and incorporates "patriotic" elements. Tencent is also a major Tesla investor. 

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