ESL Partner With PUBG Mobile; To Develop Dedicated Studio and Help Create a High Class Ecosystem

Shounak Sengupta
Published On: 

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ESL, one of the world’s biggest names in the esports industry and a company with over 20 years of experience in the sector has just announced a partnership with PUBG Mobile. The announcement will see ESL work with PUBG Mobile to help develop their esports program in a number of ways including both offline and online events along with structuring seasons and competitions, along with other things. 

An integral part of this announcement will also see ESL work with PUBG Mobile to develop a brand new and innovative studio in Katowice, Poland which will be exclusively used to run PUBG Mobile events. The idea is that this studio will be the home of all offline matches once the current health crisis is over. It also shows the long term commitment that ESL and PUBG Mobile have to continue to deliver the esports experience for PUBG Mobile fans. 

Both PMPL Americas and PMWL West are going to be held in this studio along with other tournaments in the future. 

“We are very excited to support PUBG MOBILE in growing as a truly global esports title, sharing our expertise on how to successfully create an open competition on all levels. In the current climate it is important that all involved in the esports community act in a way that protects both our long-term future and our immediate concerns for the safety of our competitors. PUBG MOBILE and ESL together can achieve this, culminating in a high-class esports ecosystem” said Fabian Scheuermann, Vice President Product Operations & Strategy in Publisher Development at ESL.

The partnership with ESL certainly looks good for the future of PUBG Mobile as their esports ecosystem could certainly do with a revamp. While the 2020 season does have big plans and big money associated with it, the structure of the esports ecosystem and the different tiers of play can definitely do with some changes. 

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