Payday 3 Open Beta Dates, Times, Stress Test Content


Payday 3 Open Beta Dates, Times, Content

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The Open Beta Session for Payday 3 is scheduled for 8th September 2023 and will run till 11th September 2023.
Like the closed beta session in August, this session will also feature the April 2023 version of the game.
Players can join the open beta session via both Xbox and Steam.

In preparation for its highly-anticipated launch on September 21st, 2023, Payday 3 is offering gamers an exciting opportunity to join its Open Beta session. This announcement comes on the heels of Starbreeze's earlier revelation of a Closed Beta session in August 2023.

The Open Beta, which is scheduled to run from September 8th to September 11th, 2023, welcomes both Xbox and PC players to experience the game before its official release. During this Open Beta session, players will be able to delve into the April 2023 version of the game, providing the development team with valuable insights into any potential bugs and technical challenges that may need addressing before the final product is launched.

Payday 3 Open Beta Content

Payday 3 September 2023 Open Beta session will feature the April 2023 version of the game. Players will be able to access a single heist called the No Rest for the Wicked. This heist is set in a small bank, where players can dive into action with any level of difficulty. 

In its Open Beta FAQs, Starbreeze has clarified that this is just a technical beta test and that is why, more emphasis would be on meeting its technical goals. The priority is to test the server structure rather than the gameplay features. However, feedback is always welcome and players can leave it on the  Feedback and Bug Reports page

The beta session will contain just one heist and four heisters. Players will be able to access most of the weapons and items, if not all. The level cap is Infamy Level 22, while the level at which players can upgrade their weapons is Level 8. 

How to Join the Open Beta Session?

The open beta session will be on a first come first serve basis for players using Xbox. This is not the same for Steam. Players should also keep in mind that any progress made during the beta session will not be carried over to the launched version. 

Joining Beta Session via Xbox

Follow the given steps to join the session via Xbox. 

  • Go to the Xbox Insider Hub. 

  • From there, navigate to the previews tab. 

  • Once you reach there, select Payday 3. 

Joining Beta Session via Steam

Follow the given steps to join the session via Steam. 

  • Launch Steam and Visit the Payday 3 Store Page.

  • At the top of the page, you will see a ‘Request Access’ tab. 

  • Click on it and you will be able to access the beta session.

Payday 3 is scheduled to release on 21st September 2023 on various gaming platforms, like PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC (via Steam and Epic Games), and Game Pass. 

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