Marvel Snap October 26th Balance Updates


Marvel Snap's October 26th Balance Updates Explained

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Marvel Snap is now bringing weekly updates along with the updates that it brings every four weeks.
These updates are essentially over-the-air (OTA) updates and hotfixes that will come alongside the monthly updates in the game.
The latest weekly update just swooped in on 26th October 2023. Here's all you need to know about it.

Apart from the updates that Marvel Snap introduces every four weeks to nerf certain dominant cards, it has now decided to bring on weekly updates to restore and maintain some balance in the game. While these monthly updates are helpful, players have to wait a long time before they can reign supreme in the game with their cards. Therefore, Second Dinner has made the decision to also bring in weekly updates for the players. 

These updates are essentially over-the-air (OTA) updates and hotfixes that will come alongside the monthly updates in the game. The latest weekly update just swooped in on 26th October.

As many as eight cards have undergone changes. They cards include Elsa Bloodstone, Loki, The Collector, Angela, Sauron, Uatu the Watcher, Hellcow and Spectrum. Here's all we know about this latest update.

Marvel Snap's OTA Update: 26th October 2023

Marvel Snap’s latest OTA update has brought significant changes to some of the most valuable cards in the game. Let us take a look at these changes in the cards, starting with Elsa Bloodstone:

Elsa Bloodstone

  • Previous Stats: 2/2 - If you play another card to fill a location, give it +3 Power.

  • New Stats: +3 Power -> +2 Power

Elsa Bloodstone, a fierce presence in the Marvel Snap landscape, has been slightly nerfed. Second Dinner stated she remains a force to be reckoned with this season and that her powers should contribute to a more balanced game play, therefore nerfing her. 

Many fans have expressed their concerns about nerfing Elsa since this is supposed to be her season. However, others say that she still remains powerful since its just one unit of deduction. They also believe that, along with Loki, she can still turn the tables in her favor. All over, this update has received a positive response from the fans. 


  • Previous Stats: 3/5 - On Reveal: Replace your hand with cards from your opponent’s starting deck. Give them -1 cost.

  • New Stats: 3/5 -> 4/5

Second Dinner mentions that Loki has been a tricky card for the developers since the top decks created by players were more aggressive than the internal ones. This led to another problem as players started relying on Loki’s cost-effectiveness and raw power too much. While Loki should be a powerful card in his season, Second Dinner seems to believe that its time to nerf his card now. 

A lot of players seem unhappy with the decision since it appears that the developers only buff the cards to make players purchase them and after a while, these cards lose their value due to such updates. Others, on the other hand, are quite favorable to this idea, believing that it will give them a chance to explore other cards and new Loki combinations. 

The Collector

  • Previous Stats: 2/0 – When a card enters your hand from anywhere (except your deck), +1 Power

  • New Stats: 2/0 -> 2/2

The Collector was once upon a time weakened to mitigate Loki’s dominance. However, it has now been restored to its former glory. This change promises to rejuvenate the card's role in the Marvel Snap metagame.

The community reaction has been positive to this change, since many are happy to bring back this card in their decks and make it work without Loki. Many believe that this change took a long time to happen and they blame Loki for that. But hey, all’s well that ends well!


  • Previous Stats: 2/0 – After you play a card here, +2 Power.

  • New Stats: 2/2 – After you play a card here, +1 Power.

Angela's strength has been dialed down slightly. While she remains an essential card, Second Dinner still seems unsure about what to do with her right now. It has seen her card perform well in the top decks, but it still awaits the future to see her performance. 

Many believe that this nerf is justified. The card has always been over-tuned, drowning out other cards in the deck and prohibiting them from performing well. Others, however, do not appear happy with the decision. The nerf is harsh, they say and are quite disappointed with it. 


  • Previous Stats: 3/3 – On Reveal: Remove the abilities from all Ongoing cards in your hand and deck.

  • New Stats: 3/3 -> 3/2

Sauron, Second Dinner believes, has been a silent winner on decks. While making this change, the devs said, "We have some potential new tools planned for him in the future," letting players believe that there is more to come. Sauron has not appeared outside of top 10 or top 5 decks, and the developers believe that its time to strike some balance now. 

Fans believe that this change is practically useless and won’t make much of a difference in the metagame. When played with other cards, it does add a lot of value to the game, and that is why he is found in most of the top decks. His nerfs would not change a thing. 

Uatu: The Watcher

  • Previous Stats: 1/1 – At the start of the game, shows the right location to you.

  • New Stats: 1/1 -> 1/2

Uatu the Watcher has received a minor tweaks to improve his effectiveness. This change opens up new possibilities for players who use Uatu in their decks. Many believe that this is still a card that won’t be used as much. Others say that this card requires a lot more changes, but they won’t be possible in OTA changes. There is neither harsh backlash nor heart pouring support for this change. 


  • Previous Stats: 4/6 – On Reveal: Discard 2 cards from your hand.

  • New Stats: 4/6 -> 4/8

Hellcow is a card that is often overshadowed by others. However, this time it has been granted a well-deserved boost, Second Dinner believes. The goal behind buffing this card is to give it a more distinct identity in the realm of discard effects and allow discarding of more specific cards, as do Silver Samurai or Swordmaster. 

Buffing a card like Hellcow has obviously positively swayed the players. They are happy that this card can be used a little differently now, rather than to randomly discard any cards.


  • Previous Stats: 6/5 – On Reveal: Give your Ongoing cards +2 Power.

  • New Stats: 6/5 -> 6/7

Spectrum has received a direct buff, since Second Dinner noticed that it was being overlooked for other cards like Odin. It’s been a long time coming for this card to receive such a boost. This change is intended to make Spectrum a more competitive choice in the game. 

Just like Hellcow, buffing Spectrum to this extent has also yielded a positive reaction in the community. 

This pretty much sums up this week’s Balance Updates. Many cards have been nerfed, including the season pass card, Elsa Bloodstone. This has made players unhappy with the decision. However, other cards like Hellcow have received a significant boost to help them establish decks with more diversity.

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