How to get Ytterbium in Starfield?


How to Get Ytterbium in Starfield?

Aditi Joshi
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Ytterbium is an important resource that is used to create unique and powerful weapons.
It is an exotic Tier-3 Resource that can be found on just 34 planets in the Starfield expanse.

Ytterbium is one of the most sought-after resources in the expansive world of Starfield. It is an Exotic, Tier-3 Resource exhibiting versatility and helping players craft Weapons, Armor, and Consumables. Finding Ytterbium is as complicated as understanding its spelling. There are almost 34 planets and moons where it can be found. But given the vast number of floating entities that Starfield has, it will take a lot of time and effort to find Ytterbium. 

We have crafted a simple and easy-to-follow guide that will help you get Ytterbium in Starfield. 

Finding Ytterbium in Starfield

Ytterbium, just like many other minerals, is mostly found as a solidified mineral deposit on specific planets. The key is to chart a course for planets before landing on them. As soon as you come across a planet, don’t land on it in a rush. Scan it before deciding whether you want to land on it or not. 

Using your map, you can easily determine which resources a planet contains. If Ytterbium is available, it will appear in its abbreviated form as ‘Yb’. If the map shows that Ytterbium is available, scan the planet again to gauge where it is the richest. After doing so, it's time to land safely and start the expedition to collect Ytterbium. 

Identifying Ytterbium 

Ytterbium deposits will appear on large boulders as blue-colored rocks under your scanner. After finding the deposits, use the cutter weapon to extract the deposit. After extraction, it will appear as a green-colored rock on your scanner. 

Planets That Contain Ytterbium 

There are just 34 planets that contain this important mineral and they are as follows:

  1. Tau Ceti V

  2. Indum III-b

  3. Indum V-a

  4. Tidacha I-c

  5. Leviathan IV

  6. Maheo II

  7. Volt

  8. Rasalhague I

  9. Khayyam III-b

  10. Shoza I-a

  11. Muphrid III-a

  12. Denebola III-a

  13. Celebrai I

  14. Xi Ophiuchi III

  15. Xi Ophiuchi V-a

  16. Zeta Ophiuchi I

  17. Linnaeus IV-b

  18. Alchiba V-a

  19. Maal I Maal

  20. Masada III

  21. Syrma VI-c

  22. Kang I Kang

  23. Kang IV-b

  24. Kang VIII-c

  25. Bradbury I

  26. Bardeen I-a

  27. Nemeria VI-b

  28. Leonis VIII-c

  29. Rana III-a

  30. Katydid I-a

  31. Archimedes V-a

  32. Hawking IV-a

  33. Verne V

  34. Fermi X

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