Rocket League Season 3 is technically the 17th competitive season for the game. 


When Does Rocket League Season 3 End?

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Rocket League Season 3 ends in the second week of August.
Season 3 was based around a racing theme and featured crossovers with NASCAR and Formula One.
Season 4 will bring a new trailer, and even more epic crossovers.

Last September, Psyonix decided to make Rocket League free-to-play on all platforms. After this major development, Pysonix added new content and unlockable items for recurring players to earn. Rocket League is currently in the midst of its Season 3 which started on April 7, 2021. Rocket League Season 3 ends on August 11, 2021. Season 3 is technically the seventeenth competitive season in Rocket League. However, it is the third competitive season after the free-to-play update. Season 3 is based around a racing theme seen in the Rocket Pass items and DFH Stadium (Circuit variant) arena, which went live during this season. Season 3 also included crossovers with NASCAR and Formula One.

Rocket League Season 3 Rocket Pass Overhaul

Each pro tier contains a painted item from a select list of Rocket Pass premium rewards. In Season 3, players who have the premium pass will be able to see 30 tiers beyond their current tier. Instead of pro tier rewards being random, players will now be able to see the exact item that each tier unlocks beyond tier 70. Special edition items can now be unlocked prior to tier 70 and painted variants will unlock as pro rewards.

The developer also decided to add back the ability to purchase Pro Tiers with Pro Rewards being tradable with other players. However, note that premium rewards (tiers 1-70) cannot be traded and certified items are no longer available in Rocket Pass.

The initial trailer and season details were revealed on March 26, 2021, after a Kaskade concert in Fortnite's Party Royale. Season 3 introduced the Tyranno, a new car, as well as brand new items like the Chequered Flag Goal Explosion, Traction Wheels, Retrogression Animated Decal and new Player Anthems. The free tiers of Season 3 Rocket Pass included the Mechwing Decal (Peregrine TT), Roskilde Wheels and Jester Topper.

Free Items in the Season 3 Rocket Pass. Make sure you unlock them before Rocket League Season 3 ends.

As Rocket League Season 3 ends, expect Season 4 to bring with it a new launch trailer, a brand new Rocket Pass and perhaps more epic crossovers like we’ve seen in the past.

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