Vivone's Mom Responds To Haters For Attacking His Social Accounts


Vivone's Mom Claps Back at Haters for Reporting His Social Media Accounts

Was this the right move or will it further agitate the masses?

Aditya Singh Rawat
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During a recent livestream, Vivone's mother gave a sharp response to all the haters allegedly attacking his social presence.
She alleged that several haters had targeted Vivone's YouTube account and Instagram channel in an attempt to ban them.
Vivone's mom said that such antics do not scare or discourage them and that all haters were welcome to continue witnessing Vivone's growth.

The eight-year-old streaming prodigy, Akarsh "Vivone" Chaudhary, who started creating content around gaming at the age of five has allegedly been getting targeted by some haters online.

According to his mother, Shikha Chaudhary, Vivone's social media presence which includes his Instagram account and YouTube channel are both getting attacked by multiple reports with an aim to take them down.

Criticizing all those partaking in such actions and sending a sharp response to all the haters, Shikha said that "He won't depend on social media to become a gamer and if this continues then he will simply never play for India."

Vivone's mother criticizes haters for attacking his social media presence across Instagram and YouTube

Shikha was quite angry about this alleged unprovoked online attack against Vivone's social presence. While delivering a stern warning to all the haters, she went all out and said that if this continues they could shift abroad and Vivone might end up competing for international teams.

"So if this happens, that Vivone keeps gaming and then starts performing on LAN for any game, representing a different country, then it is a very shameful thing for the Indian gaming community," stated Shikha.

She added that the worst part would be the whole world getting to know that the Indian gaming community did not support Vivone, a gamer who started his career in that very place.

"So better leave doing these things, like reporting his accounts and other such stuff. If you have this much time on your hands to waste on someone, then better open your own YouTube channel and stop with such acts," suggested Shikha.

In her final statement, she reiterated that these acts would not scare or discourage them to leave gaming and all haters were welcome to continue witnessing Vivone's growth.

"The community will not grow in this way because the current players will not stay around forever. The next generation of gamers will eventually replace them and if everyone keeps building barriers on their path, then this community will surely not grow," warned Shikha.

Vivone is currently a part of GodLike Esports, one of the biggest esports organizations from India that has a large base of ardent followers and supporters. The young prodigy still has eight more years before he is eligible to compete professionally in any esports title, only time will tell how his career shapes up and where he ends up going.

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