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VCT NA Last Chance Qualifier - Schedule, Teams, Livestream and More

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VCT NA Last Chance Qualifier is set to resume on 28th October as the event was indefinitely suspended due to health concerns.
The event is being moved from a LAN setting to an online-only format and all previously completed matches will be honored.
The grand finals are set to take place on 31st October 2021 at 12:00 PM PT.

The Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) North America (NA) Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) is set to resume from 28th October 2021, after Riot Games had to suspend the event due to due to safety concerns. The event was originally set to resume on 27th October but it had to be delayed once again due to a power outage preventing the teams from competing. All matches that have already taken place will be honored as the event moves from a LAN setting with virtual servers to an online-only format. The remaining matches will take place from 28th to 31st October 2021 with the winner getting a slot at Valorant Champions later this year.

VCT NA Last Chance Qualifier Schedule

The double-elimination tournament will pick up where it left off after Day 1 completed. 100 Thieves qualified for the Upper Bracket Final while Gen.G, LG and XSET all dropped down to the lower bracket. After the first day, the event had to be suspended due to conflicting COVID-19 test results arising for some of the players participating in the event.

Rise and Cloud9 won their respective upper bracket quarterfinal matches on 27th October but the event had to be canceled once again as the teams could not compete against each other due to power outage issues. The matches will resume today at 12 PM PT.

Valorant Champions Tour NA LCQ

NA LCQ - Day 3: Thursday, October 28

Round 1

  • [12:00 PM PT] Match 5: Version1 (#2 seed) vs. Cloud9 Blue (#7 seed)

Round 2

  • [12:00 PM PT] Match 7: Gen.G Esports vs. Luminosity Gaming

  • [3:00 PM PT] Match 8: Match 4 Loser vs. Match 5 Loser

NA LCQ - Day 4: Friday, October 29

Round 3

  • [12:00 PM PT] Match 9: Match 6 Loser vs. Match 7 Winner

  • [3:00 PM PT] Match 10: XSET vs. Match 8 Winner

Upper Bracket Finals

  • [6:00 PM PT] Match 11: 100 Thieves vs. Match 6 Winner

NA LCQ - Day 5: Saturday, October 30

Lower Bracket Semi-finals

  • [12:00 PM PT] Match 12: Match 9 Winner vs Match 10 Winner

Lower Bracket Finals

  • [3:00 PM PT] Match 13: Match 12 Winner vs Match 11 Loser

NA LCQ - Day 6: Sunday, October 31

Grand Final - Best-of-5

  • [12:00 PM PT] Match 14: Match 11 Winner vs. Match 13 Winner

Updated bracket for VCT NA Last Chance Qualifier

VCT NA Last Chance Qualifier updated bracket

VCT NA Last Chance Qualifier: Where to watch

Official streams will be available on Valorant’s Twitch and YouTube channels.

Twitch (English): Valorant

YouTube (English): Valorant Esports

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