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Valorant Player Lies About RT-PCR Test Before Nerd Street LAN, Multiple Test Positive

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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NRG ethos revealed that Valorant player Crit lied about RT-PCR test results and participated in Nerd Street’s Philadelphia LAN tournament
He urged all participants to get tested since multiple people have gotten infected since
Crit issued an apology and took responsibility for putting the health and lives of many at risk

NRG streamer Alan "ethos" Ruan urged the participants of the Nerd Street Philadelphia LAN Valorant tournament, that took place on 8th and 9th January, to get tested for COVID-19. Ethos posted on Twitter that Matthew “Crit” Franks, who participated in the same team as him in the Nerd Street LAN tournament, reportedly lied about his RT-PCR results and turned up to the event despite his family members testing positive. He also posted screenshots of the group chat illustrating Crit’s indecisiveness about getting tested.

Crit, who initially told his teammates that he tested negative, later revealed that he only used two COVID-19 home test kits and that he did not undergo an RT-PCR test. NRG ethos and Crit participated in the Philadelphia LAN tournament under the team name sameROFLMAO and were eliminated in the group stage.

Ethos wrote, “One of our teammates lied about getting a PCR test when his whole family had it and has only now admitted it, he and multiple others just tested positive. Don’t be irresponsible, immature, or an idiot.”

Crit issues apology for being irresponsible

Crit took responsibility and apologized for his actions. He admitted that he let his “drive to compete get in the way of what really matters.” He stated that he used two home test kits and the results of both rendered negative results.

Nerd Street CEO John Fazio replied to ethos’ Tweet stating that it was unacceptable and that it would be handled swiftly. He added that everyone has to play their part to bring back more LAN tournaments. One Twitter user called out Nerd Street for its lack of responsibility and urged the organizers to inform the attendees about the outbreak at the Philadelphia LAN.

Replying to this, Fazio wrote, “You’re correct and we are in the process of making everyone aware. We were following all CDC and local gov guidance, but we’ll be re-evaluating our own process moving forward. We’ll do whatever we need to keep our players and spectators safe.”

Internet users were swift to point out that Nerd Street was also accountable since they did not ask for or check the RT-PCR negative reports at the venue, even when their COVID-19 policies explicitly stated that they would. Twitter users, Valorant pro players, and other esports personalities criticized Crit for his selfish actions and for putting everyone’s health at risk.

Nerd Street Gamers: Winter Championship - Philadelphia took place on 8th and 9th Jan and featured a $7K USD prize pool. 12 teams competed in the event which concluded with Akrew emerging victorious and taking home the lion’s share of the prize pool.

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