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VALORANT Conquerors Championship (VCC): Format, Schedule, Prize Pool, and More Details

Abhimannu Das
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Valorant Conquerors Championship will allow players from India and other South Asian countries to compete in the Valorant Champions Tour.
The event will allow teams from the South Asian region to compete in the APAC Valorant Champions Tour event.
The prize pool of the VCC is INR 2,500,000 ($33,000 USD).

The Valorant Conquerors Championship is being held in partnership between NODWIN Gaming and Riot Games. It is one of the events that teams can leverage to reach the Valorant Champions Tour’s APAC Last Chance Qualifiers. Teams competing in the event will need to win the sub-regional qualifiers at the Valorant Conquerors Championship to be a part of the Valorant Champions Tour APAC Last Chance Qualifiers. The Valorant Conquerors Championship (VCC) will feature a prize pool of INR 2,500,000 ($33,000). This is the first time that India is eligible to compete in the Valorant Champion Tour along with other South Asian countries.

VALORANT Conquerors Championship (VCC) Format

Here is the format for the upcoming event:

Online qualifiers

Teams will participate in a single-elimination bracket. All matches will be BO3 and qualifier finals will be BO5. The winning team from each qualifier moves to the playoffs.


Eight teams from each qualifier finals are placed in two groups of four teams each and play in Group Stage League format. The top two teams from each group will qualify for the Finale.

Grand Finals

Four teams will compete in the semi-finals and the winners will move on to the Grand Finale event. The winner of the event will be declared the champions for VCC and it will qualify for the VCT Last Chance qualifiers.

VALORANT Conquerors Championship (VCC) Schedule

India Qualifier 1

  • Single-elimination qualifier – 1st to 11th July

  • Registrations are closed

India Qualifier 2

  • Single-elimination qualifier – 29th July to 8th August

  • Players can register between 14th and 27th July

Pakistan and Afghanistan Qualifier 1

  • Single-elimination qualifier – 8th to 18th July

  • Registrations for the event are open till 5th July

Pakistan and Afghanistan Qualifier 2

  • Single-elimination qualifier – 26th July to 5th August

  • Players can register between 7th July and 24th July

Nepal and Bhutan Qualifier

  • Single-elimination qualifier – 17th to 22nd July

  • Players can register between 3rd and 15th July

Sri Lanka and Maldives Qualifier

  • Single-elimination qualifier – 20th to 25th July

  • Players can register between 5th and 18th July

Bangladesh Qualifier

  • Single-elimination qualifier – 23rd July to 1st August

  • Players can register between 8th July and 21st July


All runners-up from the qualifiers will be a part of the double-elimination Wildcard qualifier from 10th to 15th August.

Grand Finals

The playoffs for the Valorant grand finals will be played from 19th to 22nd August and the grand finals are scheduled for 28th and 29th August.

VALORANT Conquerors Championship (VCC) Prize Pool

The prize pool of the ongoing event is INR 2,500,000 ($33,000).

Valorant Conquerors Championship Registration

Registrations for the event are currently open and players can register for the event at: www.vcc.nodwingaming.com

After verification of data, teams will receive the schedule and brackets with their opponents’ info via email. They will also receive a Discord invite where they will need to submit match results as well as contact admin for support.

Valorant Conquerors Championship: Where to Watch

Players can catch up on all of the matches on the NODWIN Gaming's YouTube channels.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbgq4Y6WypFnBBzrBDgR0zA

Disclaimer: NODWIN Gaming is a minority investor and a client of AFK Gaming.

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