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Valorant Cheats Are Being Promoted During VCT Masters Berlin

Abhimannu Das
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VCT Masters Berlin streams are being plagued by advertisements of Valorant cheats.
After the issue was brought up online, Riot employee GamerDoc revealed that the cheat does not work.
However, players are still potentially falling for these "scams" and are potentially losing money and risking their online security.

Valorant Masters Berlin is underway and it is drawing the game’s fans from across the globe to check out some of the best teams compete in the event. However, it looks like it is also becoming a hub for cheat makers to advertise Valorant cheats during the streams. Esports reporter Jake Lucky raised the issue on Twitter and Team Heretics’ Alejandro “Black” García responded stating that he raised the issue with Riot Games months ago and the ads are still present on stream. Riot Vanguard anti-cheat analyst Mohamed ‘GamerDoc’ Al-Sharifi responded to the concerns and shed light on the issue.

Riot anti-cheat analyst says YouTube needs to take “drastic action”

GamerDoc revealed that the anti-cheat already detects the cheat that is being advertised and legitimate players should not have anything to worry about. He said that the advertised cheat is “photoshopped meme s**t. No cheater plays with a UI open this is just to scam kiddies. YouTube seems to love running scammed promotions.”

He explained that it is more of a YouTube problem than Riot’s issue to handle. From cryptocurrency scam ads to cheats, the ads keep multiplying even after being taken down, according to GamerDoc. He feels that YouTube needs to take drastic action against the scam ads.

YouTube failing to take such ads down and allowing such ads to play over legitimate esports events is shameful. While Google has a comprehensive ad policy in place, advertisers continue to break rules and bait unsuspecting people into falling for these scams.

Legitimate or not, players should never trust cheat programs as it can not only lead to potential permanent bans from games, but it can also lead to serious security threats. And in this case, it is just a scam where players will lose their money for a product that does not even work.

GamerDoc stated that people are falling for these scams else the advertisers would not persist with their marketing without profits. It remains to be seen if any actions are taken against the scam ads that are airing during the official Valorant Masters Berlin streams.

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