Skyweaver drops long awaited expansion, Clash of Inventors


Skyweaver Drops Long Awaited Expansion: Clash of Inventors

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Popular free-to-play NFT trading card game Skyweaver has dropped a new expansion called ‘Clash of Inventors’
This brings a plethora of new updates including new cards, social features, quality of life improvements and more
The expansion is free to play and allows players to get new cards

Popular free-to-play NFT trading card game Skyweaver has revealed a new expansion “Clash of Inventors,” which brings in a plethora of new content to the metagame. These include the addition of new features, new cards and various changes to the social aspects of Skyweaver.

Skyweaver is built by Horizon Blockchain Games on Polygon with over 500 base cards that allow gamers to choose their build and tweak their deck to match their playstyle. The cards are the main component within the game. Players can build their decks and battle other players for rare NFT cards.

First Major Skyweaver Expansion: Clash Of Inventors

Skyweaver released its open beta in February and has just announced its first major expansion set named ‘Clash of Inventors’. The expansion comes with over 50 new cards as well as a new unit Trait named ‘Dash’ which allows units to attack on the same turn that they are summoned. Clash of Inventors also brings updates to the Prism, with each Prism gaining 10 additional cards in total with the cards being four spells and six creatures, allowing for more balanced gameplay

Prisms are a core component within Skyweaver and influence deck building and play style. There are five main prisms: Strength, Wisdom, Heart, Agility and Intellect. Each of these influences the characters in your deck and players are allowed only two or three prisms within each deck.

Prisms are a core component within Skyweaver.

This update also brings with it a referral program called ‘Invite Your Friends’. Players who invite friends to play Skyweaver will earn points when they level up. These points can make you eligible for free stickers.

The stickers are cosmetic items that players can collect in-game or through the various social events and can be traded.Skyweaver Clash of Inventors also brings with it a spectator mode. Through a link on your profile, people can spectate your matches as well as use Skyweaver stickers during spectator mode.

The game also has quality of life updates such as an updated UI with a set of filters added to the library and marketplace, new emotes, as well as in-game animations and several bug fixes. Skyweaver players are also guaranteed one of the weekly gold cards offered by simply playing 30 matches in the Conquest Game Mode.

The Skyweaver Clash of Inventors update is free of cost. Players can get the expansion cards simply by playing the game. Some of the cards you win and receive will be from the expansion. The game will also have a minor expansion later this summer with a supplement of 20 cards.

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